If I built a national commercial real estate website, it would have???

Simple search for all property

  1. Location as in anywhere in the country.
  2. Any type of property.
  3. Any price range.
  4. Property for lease.
  5. Square feet available.
  6. Rates range by month or year.
  7. Comps…Real comps with data to back it up!
  8. Pics as in multi pics and mapping Bing or Google Street view at the very least.
  9. Simple keyword searches for any and all.

Data/ Property/ Company Info

  1. Lease expirations.
  2. Square footage occupied.
  3. Primary and secondary contacts.
  4. Company addresses, phone and e-mail contacts.
  5. Adjoining tenant information.
  6. Links to key Web sites.
  7. Number of employees.
  8. Company growth rates.

Guides, Questions and god forbid Advice.

Oh yes, actually give out information and expertise in a given market.

  1. Answer in real time, questions that potentional clients, buyers, owners, have about commercial real estate.
  2. Some sort of guides written by experts that help the user better understand the process.
  3. Blogs…yes blogs from actual practioners of commercial real estate. For the defined local markets.

Stats Stats Stats

  1. Yes, some people love the numbers.
  2. Solds.
  3. Vacancy rate.
  4. Net deliveries.
  5. Net absorption.
  6. Average market pricing.
  7. How much is space out there for lease?
  8. How much is for sale?
  9. Trending info DAILY, not quarterly.
  10. Lay it out clean and simple.
  11. Put it in map form so the clients can visualize the area with the data.
  12. Tons more to add but you get the picture.

Find a broker. Find a Building. Find a deal.

  1. Pretty simple here.
  2. You must get your name brand and stuff on the site.
  3. You must interact, answer, promote, and WORK to make deals happen.
  4. How much is too much?
  5. How easy or hard is it for a client, owner, and broker need to work to get to you?

Fun stuff

  1. Augmented reality app.
  2. Widgets that stick to your site..The list could go on for days!
  3. Badges…because you can.
  4. Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter apps..Because you just have to in this day and age.
  5. Mobil…out the ass. Maybe this should be on the top of the list. This could be its own list.

Data/ API’s you could throw on your site

  1. API Benefits
  2. API Partners
  3. Branding
  4. Property Valuation
  5. Neighborhood Data
  6. Neighborhood Boundaries
  7. Mortgage API
  8. Property Details API
  9. Postings API

Why Not?

  1. Too hard to do.
  2. Can’t make any money?
  3. No one would use or need a site like this.
  4. There are enough players already.
  5. Look at Trullia and Zillow.
  6. That residential stuff never works in commercial real estate.

OH and I would make it all FREE!!!

Tell me it can’t or should not be done!  Tell me what you would add!  Lot’s of smart people in this business.  Let’s hear it!

Photo via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/islespunkfan/

Duke Long