I Quit !!

I Quit !!

Yes, that’s what I said.

I Quit !!

Call me a quitter if you want because I already have.

I have been on the road quite a bit lately and looking at my calendar  I see several more trips upcoming this year.

So what am I quitting?

The Past.

Part of the beauty of being on the road is that I get to meet so many new and amazing people.

All of them and I mean all most all of them are looking to the future.

When I sit down with them and discuss what products they are using and what technologies they want to use they always mention the future.

They see what has been literally and are open and willing to look at what can and should be their future.

It’s exciting it’s refreshing it’s encouraging it’s about fucking time.

So I am done dwelling on the past in part because it serves no purpose what so ever.

The Future.

It is about the reality of where commercial real estate is going.

It is about the reality of the technology available for us to use.

It is about the reality of the willingness to adopt.

It is about the reality of the world commercial real estate has helped create today……and tomorrow.

So I quit. I quit the past for the future of commercial real estate.

Thoughts opinions comments and points of view are always appreciated.









Duke Long


  • My intellectual side says that the paradigm of our industry has shifted so dramatically that there is naught to be gained or learned from the past. Indeed, looking in the rear view mirror serves only to distract one from the road ahead, and increase the odds that important signs will be missed.

    However my emotional side is crying “bullshit”. There has always been changes in our industry, and we’ve adapted nicely to them all and grown with the times. This new paradigm is not a shift, it is a tectonic move of epic proportions. Thus, the act of changing with the times no longer applies – one must now quickly adapt to survive. Our business has become Darwinian. And that doesn’t bode well for the older crowd who likely don’t have time for gradual change or the skills to adapt.

    Seems like we don’t have to quit the past – we killed it (RIP).

  • Oh, to be in a primary market where things… change. It’s like ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ out here in small markets where technology shows up long after it’s created and few seem to see a use or a need. I want big boy tech tools for my secondary market sandbox. Got anything from the future I can use here in the hinterlands, today?