I Officially Join 42Floors.The Journey Begins.

I Officially Join 42Floors. The Journey Begins.

So here I am sitting thinking realizing…things are going to change drastically for commercial real estate…..and I am going to be a part of it. 

How many times over the last few years have I stood up on the soapbox and screamed about change disruption data marketing distribution etc. etc.and the general state of commercial real estate? Well, you know the answer. One Hell Of A Lot.

Provoking Interacting Praising Questioning and Pissing People Off.

It has certainly been my nature to do all of the above…..for a reason….to push commercial real estate forward.

Quick Backstory.

An email a phone call and a meeting in Chicago.

Wire frames vision and start-up Y Combinator type experience.

Research iteration funding and team building.

Execution more funding and a developing killer technical team.

A conversation with Doug Curry at ICSC Recon and I quote Doug “You have all of these great ideas.”  “Why don’t you have somebody build them for you?” Hey Doug,I didn’t have to. Somebody else was already working on it.

More research more iteration and more funding.

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco.

I had to do it !

I had to hold myself accountable.

I need to push commercial real estate forward.

So an offer was made and I said “YES!”

I am now a member of 42Floors.

Yes,the San francisco start-up vibe in amazingly intoxicating. But don’t worry I won’t get caught up. I’m a little to “seasoned” for that.

My simple task for 42Floors at the moment is to help them connect.

42Floors has amazing leadership.They have assembled an amazing team.

I count myself very lucky that they wanted me to be a part of that dynamic team.

Moving Forward.

Will this change the way I write about commercial real estate? Hell no!

I keep the website. I keep my brand. I keep the attitude…and I keep the cranking out the #CRE  good bad lean mean and nasty.

I had no filter before and I sure as hell am not going to have it turned on now.

If anything this feels like a regeneration…like I have a new set of eyes and ears.

There is so much more to come.

The Journey.

So why don’t you join me on this little journey into the commercial real estate tech disruption start-up world.

I will keep it fresh. I will keep it interesting. I will certainly keep it real. And hey you all know me too well.

I sure as hell will tell it like it really is.

Oh and by the way. Hey, Doug Curry,I know you are the CEO of a big company with hundreds of employees but you and I need to keep the dialogue open and flowing.

We need to be friends.

Better yet we need to be partners.

After all we are just a couple of midwestern guys trying to change commercial real estate forever.

So I have officially joined 42Floors. The journey begins.

Thought comments and opinions and points of view are always appreciated.





Duke Long