I Am The CEO of Loopnet!

Ok, I am not really the CEO of Loopnet but, what if I was. I have a few ideas,suggestions,thoughts and questions.

– Let’s start with if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Or, if I don’t break it we may not be around to fix it!

-Don’t look at our data base of brokers as a source of revenue look at them as a source of information and data that leads to revenue.

– The building data base, as in the” building is the data base”.  What is the “data wall” define the barriers and set the standard.

– Get rid of historic and data comps…discuss that one among  yourselves please.

E- Property Data and RPR …I will crush you! …or I will get a condo in Boca and….  find  a foursome to play with.

– Mobile and the street will be my base.

– Marketing platform: Aug reality, Qr codes, Ipad, mobile apps.

– I- pad apps that feed back the data from the street. In real time.

– QR code platform that puts loopnet data into all collerateral material,for free.  Make brokers love us.

– QR code platform for all Loopnet users free,with video tutorial and case study of why and how it works.

– Trulia is already doing it for residential real estate.

– Create Loopnet brokers in all markets with real time access to “street” Loopnet data.

-Pick 5 brokers in market and make them write, video cast,podcast, blog,create content and do something every week to feature the market.

– Rotate the brokers out to get fresh points of view/incentive is the abillty to put their name out as expert or show they are an idiot in the market..it’s gold.

– How do we get them to give up the data, simple we are Loopnet and already have it. The brokers will not only enhance they will make it even better = true and accurate.

– Hyper local info for commercial real estate.  Non-CRE examples: Curbed, Everyblock, etc.  Create the category.

– No one and I mean no one has platformed the hyper local for cre= domination of local content and data for the markets=effin $$$$.

– Phase out and abandon forms and static reports.

– Must do or watch someone do it instead and make us obsolete.

– Move data to other industries but keep tied to the building itself.

– Start today and launch an all out blitz to integrate  prop mgt, archeticts,engineers,cotractors/hvac/elec/ appraisers and so on and so on.

– Get them on loopnet NOW , find a reason give them the moon, for FREE.  Make them interact and do something but start, NOW!

– Oh, and make sure the BS sales pitch crap stays away …do I like lenders ?????

– Create a true standard with OSCRE.org ??  Be “THE” brand for that data standard.

– Fund a BIM database becuase someone will and whomever owns the data  is the $$.

– BIM be the first be the one in the pool.  Who do I get to partner? NOW!

– Research is a joke.  LoopLink  and online products are awesome.

– How much income from LoopLink vs. Premium vs. Comp/Historic Sale??

– Someone will give the data from two of  these out for free.  Which one do I defend?

Web site changes.  This Duke Long guy is a genius!

– Fund a trip to Richard Bransons island for a breakout session. Staff, they get two days, I get 2 weeks, Seems fair!

Well, not bad for a days work.  Simple to do list?  Pie in the sky? If you were the CEO of Loopnet what would you do? Thoughts?

Duke Long