I Am Now A Member of The Urban Land Institute. (ULI)

Urban Land Institute Mission:
The Urban Land Institute provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. ULI is an independent global nonprofit supported by members representing the entire spectrum of real estate development and land use disciplines.
Many of you are familiar with the Urban Land Institute. If not please click on the link above and research this amazing organisation.
So, why did I join?
The leading edge of technology that’s why.
ULI has, in my opinion, made every effort to be THE leading real estate organisation in recognising what effects technology has had and will have in all of real estate.
If you look again at their mission statement one part sticks out to me, members representing the entire spectrum of real estate development and land use disciplines.
They have what I have termed “the most fruitful base of potential users of technology in real estate.”
Just this week I was on the phone with companies in Boston, Chicago, DC, Moscow, Houston, California, New York, Austin, and yes Indianapolis. All of these companies have a unique product that they think solves a commercial real estate problem.

One specific conversation was about time effort money and targeting potential users. I brought up ULI and mentioned the local district council and the CEO gave me a “wow, I already know a bunch of people there.” Potential users right in his backyard. That’s called maximising.

That’s called maximising.
Beyond the obvious user base for technology, there is a bigger issue.
Communication between those potential users and exactly what these companies are doing.
This is the year it starts to happen. (shout out to Craig) The ecosystem has grown and gained a lot of momentum. The companies in #CRETech have matured to the point that they have the money people and ability to better communicate exactly what advantages their products have and what they can and will do for their customers.
It’s been mentioned to me more than once over the last couple of years (yes Riggs, Nick, Richard, and David I have been listening)  that I should “help” this very thing move forward.
The next logical step for me was a conversation with Brandon Sedoff of ULI. Look him up read his stuff follow him on Twitter. He’s pushing ULI and tech to the front with not only words but actions. Case in point a meeting he put together in New York just before CRE Tech Intersect. I made reference to it in a post that it was the most amount of “major league #CRE and #Tech hitters” I have ever seen in one room. That ladies and gentlemen is called INFLUENCE. Brandon just “get’s it” and I’m glad he is leading the way.
So, this is the year. Look for me at the upcoming ULI meetings. Reach out to me if you have some specific question. Invite me to a meeting that you think I can’t miss.

ULI has their mission and now I have mine.

+1 Big announcement coming soon.




Duke Long

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