How To Nail The Best #CRE #TECH Sales Pitch Ever!

Let’s start with off by getting your mind in the right place. (Old School Cool Hand Luke Reference.)

And let’s deal with the 800lb. gorilla in the room. You And Your Fucking Humongous Ego. And by ego, I am referencing the fact that you as in you, I’m saying YOU think you have created the most amazing product on the planet.

Let me state this right here and now, YOU HAVE NOT!

In all reality, it’s just a bit of code that helps someone do their job better.

A further bit of reference, my phone helps me do my job better, did you invent that? No. Did you invent the software inside it? I could care the fuck less who did. I just want it to work.

Are you getting my drift here? Lay off the “my tech is….. my company is…” because no one fucking cares. Try this in your next pitch. Never mention the name of your company or say the word technology. Going to be a short as hell meeting!

Ok, enough with the scolding and small ranting. Let’s get to it.

Let’s Start With Time:

You have 15 minutes. That’s it. Not an hour, not a half hour, 15 minutes.

The first 2 minutes is your introductory/tagline/elevator pitch. 2 minutes is actually a long time and there is quite a bit you can fit into that time frame.

“We… now if I have to fill in the next two minutes for you…you are indeed fucked.

But to give you a little mental push…” we are here to solve this…and here is how we do it…and we are ready NOW!”

IN 2 Minutes! DO IT. Practice it. Live it. Sleep it.

No history of WTF ever, no high school college bullshit. I could give a fuck where you went to school. I was in the Air Force before I went, do you want to talk about your military experience, wait you don’t have any…….did I go a bit too far? Get the point!

2 minutes of “we are here to solve this…and here is how we do it…and we are ready NOW!”

So after that, you have an entire 13 minutes to do what? Answer questions about your 2-minute pitch.

As the world is what it is those questions will most likely be about…features and functionality. And you will have all those answers ready right? Of course, you will.

Are you keeping an eye on the clock? You should be!

And Now On To The Who:

As in who are you sitting in front of. For a bit of reference Do, You Have Any Idea Who Makes The #CRE #TECH Buying Decision?

And if you’ve done your homework you are in front of the right person. Here is a simple task to help you get and keep the sale. Do Their Job For Them. Yes, it’s their job but it is Your Job. What is that process? Is it simple and easy? Or is it full of tech speak and four million steps? Have someone human look at that for you with a critical eye and I don’t give a shit how much tech they know. That’s not the point. Keep it simple and do it for the person sitting right in front of you. Make it easy for them to say yes.

Are you still keeping an eye on the clock? You should be!

How About Not Pitching At All?

What if they are sold before you even walk into the room? Sound too good to be true? It happens all the time. How can you make that happen? Inbound. What’s inbound? Let me give you an easy example.

You are reading it right now. The content you are consuming on this very page is considered a form of inbound marketing. It attracted you because……only you can answer that. What am I selling? Nothing, not a thing. How did you get to this page? Was it through email, or my newsletter, was it a link on LinkedIn or maybe Twitter, have you opted in and are you subscribed to get this the minute it comes out? (ThankYou!)

Do you not see the real value of inbound at all? Look at VTS, Honest Buildings, Apto, Ascendix, Buildout, Michael Bull, ClientLook, Quantum Listings, Reonomy and so many more who do it, do it every day and do it well. What are they all selling again? Software As A Service?

Or is it knowledge of the #CRE marketplace and the understanding of their customer needs! I would say that’s a yes!

Do you want the simple version of #CRE and #TECH inbound?

Here it is:

  • Identify who you are targeting.
  • Connect with them and get permission.
  • Explore ways to help them and understand their wants and needs.
  • Then advise them.

There simple!

This Will Set You Apart Because.

It will make you what? Different than almost 99% of everyone else in #CRE and #TECH out there pitching.

How do I know, holy shit how do I know…are you serious?

Do your research and homework before you walk in the door.

Know who it is you are sitting in front of.

Take 15 minutes to pitch them to a yes and then do their job for them.

Reinforce that with market knowledge, professionalism, and execution.

Then go to the bank.

It’s simple! And done every day.

You can complicate the shit out of it if you want.

But That’s Sure As Hell How To Nail The Best #CRE #TECH Sales Pitch Ever!



+1 What Happens When They Say Yes?

+1+1 I thought you had that down already, are you sure?

Duke Long

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