Hightower Accelerate Customer Summit 2016. An Inside Look.

This week I attended Hightower Accelerate Customer Summit 2016 at The W Hotel Union Square New York.

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I attend many events. I have also helped organize many and it is at best a daunting task. I must say that this event was one of if not the best events I have attended in a long time. I’m sure everyone on the staff at Hightower pitched in to make this happen. A HUGE congrats to any and all.  ( BTW I am sitting right behind Donald’s head.)

I did arrive a bit late because I was returning from Syracuse and the traffic from JFK on what I call the Van Wyck Expressway parking lot was brutal.

The keynotes at the beginning of the day were short precise and outstanding real world user cases based on each individuals experience with Hightower.

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How about this for a quote?

The rest of the day was filled with dynamic educational sessions.

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Me being me I chose to focus on the Broker related content.

The way that the asset owners are now looking at their data and how it relates to the role of the broker is changing and not just changing fast. It’s basically already happened.

To sum it up in a simple sentence.

Be on the platform with us or don’t get a chance to even think about doing a deal with us.

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I like to single out and highlight one particular person Edward Schreyer from CBRE.

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This guy was preaching it and preaching it to the choir (me) like no one has.

Everything out of his mouth is one of the reasons CBRE is so dominating. They just flat out get it!

One thing he said got my undivided attention.

Do you get it?

Look at who this guy is again. 27 years at CBRE and the future of brokerage in his opinion is?

The day started to wind down.

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As with most events, it’s the hallway conversations the networking and the trading of business cards that add so much value.

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I’d like to thank the team at Hightower for the invitation and the wonderful opportunity to learn more about what all things Hightower. See you guys soon!

Hightower Accelerate Customer Summit 2016. An Inside Look.


+1 Kids these days!

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Duke Long

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