FUTURE PropTech Vienna 2018 Summary. Welcome To “The Posh.”


What a city!

I had never been and I am “absolutely smitten” as they say.

Of course, I was in town for Future PropTech Vienna 2018.

What an incredible place. I believe it is ranked as the worlds most livable city.

The architecture is beyond stunning. The museums and the food are sublime.

The Christmas markets are unreal and did I mention the food? I think I did.

Want a bit of eye candy and flavor? Let my friend Antony Slumbers help.

And that is just a small sample.

As I am WORLD FAMOUS for doing this kind of summary thing…

Let’s get right to it.

So..I think you get most of what was seen and heard at #PropTech Vienna…

Or not, to be honest, what I just showed you was not even close.

As it always is I do these things with some kind of disclaimer that this is MY OPINION about the events and all things around it.

MY OPINION…not yours so…

  1. I got off the plane and the cold wind hit me in the face and it was “oh so this is winter?” Welcome to it. Yes, I knew it was going to be a bit brisk..not complaining as I knew what I was signing up for. Some of the locals were walking around with light jackets so that makes me?
  2. The dinner for the speakers on the Danube hosted by Julia Arlt and PWC was fascinating. You never know what you are going to get at these things. There was a moment when I looked to my right and down the table at the people face to face about 15 rows deep and I had a simple thought. Look at all that brain power and what possibilities are they trying to come up with. How are they going to change the world? That is the reason I show up at these things.
  3. Julia and the entire team from PWC could not have been more accommodating and friendly throughout the entire event. They flat out know how to do it. I need to figure out how to work more with these people. There has to be something…
  4. Oh, and at the dinner, they passed the mic around for everyone to do a quick intro and Julia because she is Julia had brought her two young sons and the oldest (I think he’s 12) took the mic and NAILED IT! It was brilliant and everyone had a big smile. The kid has serious skills. How fun is that!
  5. Sidebar here. Josh Pankin from Columbia and I are not the same people. Yes, we seem to be everywhere together, if you see one of us …seriously…I was walking randomly to someplace in Vienna and who do I run into on the street? Josh. It’s a karma thing I think. He and I just laugh at each other every time… every time. Just look at one of the Tweets above.
  6. The event I thought was well attended. As this “thing,” we call tech and real estate continues to grow and grow the events that are regional in nature are far more interesting to me. It kind of drills down why we do this…you want the big savant take away here? All real estate is LOCAL. Wow, yea what an original concept. But it’s more and more relevant every day.
  7. Oh, yea, it’s local alright but, I got invited to Moscow and Spain for similar type events just this week. As I type this I will be boarding a plane to Helsinki. Hong Kong is on the agenda in a few months and London for sure this May. Working on Singapore and finally, mainland China is in the works too. Local? Yes local but then again. (Poor little New York how will they keep up?)
  8. It’s still strange to me after all these years for someone to walk up and recognize me and then comment about something I wrote. I’m flattered and humbled by it every time. (Now you might be thinking”Seriously Duke WTF, Humble?”) Hey, it can happen to anyone, even me occasionally. I do always try and thank each person for taking the time out of there lives to acknowledge anything I have done and I am truly humbled when they do.
  9. Ok, well fuck all that let’s get back to the good shit shall we?
  10. One of my British friends called Vienna “the poshest city in Europe.” I had someone translate for me and I could not agree more. This is a special place. Posh indeed! They all dress in black. They drive as fast as hell in shiny German sedans. They have great food. Do I even need to mention adult beverages? The buildings are RIDICULOUS and….everything is so nerdy and precise. I could so make this city work for me. One weird thing. It’s quiet here. maybe that’s me referencing New York but it’s just quiet. I need to move here…maybe!
  11. Conversations.
  12. Conversations.
  13. Conversations
  14. Networking.
  15. Networking.
  16. Networking.
  17. Food, oh sorry got off track there.
  18. Wiener Schnitzel the world needs more Wiener Schnitzel.
  19. Back on the food thing..sorry.
  20. In all seriousness, the big take away for me and they gave me a few minutes at the end to say a few words, and I brought it up and it’s ENTERPRISE. The companies in Europe just flat out do it. They start out that way. If you heard the pitches I heard…they all had customers and revenue right out of the box. What a fucking concept. Make money and the scale. Yea just do that. It’s that simple. I literally got nailed to a wall on the steps by two founders for 15 minutes and all I said was “what do you need me for., you already have it figured out.”

Of course, there is so much more but…this is…

My summary of Future PropTech Vienna 2018 Welcome to “The Posh.”

Sign up for next year and come to soak it all in for yourself!

+1 Tschuss, Auf Wiedersehen

This is me and my baby girl at the Christmas Market in Vienna trying to stay warm.

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