Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign!

Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign!

Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign!

Just off that headline alone, I have 200 Trump supporters wanting to hold my dick.

(Clicking off because I tweaked your political sensibilities?)

It’s not hard to understand why the environment in which we live today is perceived as easily divided into the haves and or have-nots.

Or at the very least the perception of rich white males and everyone else.

Any message put forth makes a simple statement. It’s either us or them gaining in this world.

If it’s them then that pisses us off. If it us then it’s more than for the better good of all humanity.

Now who the us or them may be changes. It changes more often than you would like to admit.

I walk the streets of New York and do what I call “hide in plain site.”

I easily blend in with every other person on the street. Just one of millions.


Until I walk into a building or office for some kind of business and then guess what?

White America!

Hits me right in the face.

Yes, yes I have already jumped on the soapbox before….

Commercial Real Estate Is All Straight White Males and That May Never Change.

But stay with me.

For some reason and all be it good in my opinion I am being put out there as one of the few who will openly stand up for diversity.

The depth behind that position is well stated in an article by Ryan Dennis titled: The Real in Commercial Real Estate.

Please click and get the full effect of the article. (I applaud Ryan for his writing ability and lack of reliance on vulgar language and sensationalism to get his point across.)

What stood out for me was the openness and understanding of why the limitations of technology will not have a dystopian affect and how the individual can and will progress commercial real estate.

Now wait. What in the hell does that have to do with diversity and white privilege within commercial real estate again?

How hard is it for me to take this open and perceived “liberal” stance? NOT HARD AT ALL!

What’s the risk for someone like me? How about you? What’s going to happen to us? Fucking nothing!

I and you we and us can scream at the top of our lungs about change diversity inclusion openness and transparency as much as we want.

But to what effect and upon who’s deaf ears will it fall?

There is slogan out in the world right now stating that we need to ” Make America Great Again.”

For the people who read this from outside the US hang with me.

I have a question: When did we become “not great?”

Did we become not great when pasty white ass people like me stopped…….what?

Not ruling most of the fucking world?

Not doing almost every commercial real estate deal.

Stopped owning most of all the commercial real estate in the most economically developed country in the world?

(It’s all I can do right now to not put up a picture of a flying eagle. Woo Hoo. Fucking America!)

Side rants:

-One or two sources of supposed market intelligence. And pay out the ass to get to it. Run by the whitest mother fuckers ( Ooo did I just use MF?) you have ever met.

-Just look at the Cheesy CEO glam shots. The city blurred in the background the dark suit the hair or what is pathetically left of it pasted with product and the glistening white teeth no doubt paid (with a friendly discount) in part by a country club membership.

-White beards on the old dudes that are all the rage. I call it the Saint Santa wannabe look. Classic American imaging. Makes you want to hug a polar bear and drink a COKE.

-I asked someone recently when America was in their opinion great. He said “the 50’s.” To which my reply was how in the hell could you know my guess is that you were born in the 80’s…His reply…… Nothing but silence.








Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign!


+1 Not trying to steal this and can’t remember the reference but, “some people just want to see the world burn.”




Duke Long

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  • As a young dude of color just getting started as a landlord rep, you’re full of crap.

    Meritocracy? Maybe. But this is 100% commission. For a young person to even get in the door you have to: have loaded parents or be loaded. You can’t live off nothing forever. I’m struggling to get by. It’d be a hell of a lot easier if my parents gave me a stable base to launch from, but I stopped getting an allowance when I was 8. I’m scrapping off of a few hundred every month.

    Think I went to the best schools in the district? Think I’ve ever played golf? Think I have even half the relationships with business owners or land owners the typical white dude taking a crack in CRE has? To use your words, “Get the fuck outta here.”

    Luckily I’ve been told I “sound white” so I rely on cold calling like no one’s business. But what do you think happens when I show up for a meeting? Think I’ll get the same reception a white guy would, especially in the South?

    Get the fuck outta here.

    It’d be a helluva lot easier I were white. The oppression doesn’t come from CRE necessarily, but rather everything in this country. Don’t get me wrong. My dad got a 4.0 GPA in school, got a CPA and went to work for KPMG rightfully so. Meritocracy works! …except for the part where he got paid less than his counter parts for consistently outworking them.

    This being said, I am obviously stupid or crazy to not get paid. Obviously I’m crazy and ready to tear out the heart of any motherfucker my age who thinks he can outwork me. Why? Because I have to.

    But check in with me in a few years.