Face to Face Conversations = $$$$$.

Face to Face Conversations = $$$$$.

The Obvious.

I just returned from Las Vegas and the ICSC RECon14 convention.

Yes, it is huge.

Yes, It is like no other conference on the planet.

Why, well because they have one thing down that every other conference really wants.









Now you may say “Hey, I go to X conference because of the education and the networking. Ya know best practices and stuff.”

Ok, fair enough but let’s talk about the real reasons you need to want to and are attending conferences

#1. Money

Yes it yes yes it is. Money.

You get paid………right? From your company from your clients ……..from your mom?

You create some sort of value that is therefore compensated.

You meet up with contemporaries.

You go to sessions and keynotes.

You hand out business cards. Did you run out? You try to don’t you?

You try to maximize your time and effort and make the trip “cost-effective.”

In reality you get the most value from……….

#2. Conversations.


Yes, conversations.

For the most part people in commercial real estate are SMART. No not just smart but BRILLIANT.

Sooooo guess what I do?

Guess what my main agenda always is?

Get  FACE to FACE  and ………..

I go and ask questions.

I go and start conversations.

I go to build relationships.

Everybody and I mean everybody I have met over the last two or three years is because of the internet, BUT those connections have turned into FACE to FACE meetings which have turned into connections that have turned into FACE to FACE meetings which have turned into $$$$.

If you followed some of the people online that were at the ICSC conference before they even left for the conference they were announcing on Twitter LinkedIN and in emails how many meetings they had already set up.

If you watched the #RECon14 hastag there were people thanking each other and also letting people know what times they were available for an open meet up. They would invite people to an open booth time. They would also announce how many deals they were making.Why not? They were creating their own buzz and trying to connect. Simple. Brilliant.

For me personally I would get texts and DM’s from people all over the conference asking me to come by and at least say “HI” and look at their stuff.

oculus rift












I made every effort to respond and SHOW MY FACE  because you never know where that next amazing connection is going to come from.

BTW the 3D stuff is just too cool.

So maybe it is just too obvious.

Maybe it just goes without saying but……

FACE to FACE Conversations = $$$$$$

See you next year.

Viva Las Vegas!

Duke Long