Evolution Maturity Community and The Scorched Earth.

Evolution Maturity Community and The Scorched Earth.

It Is Time.

Time to evolve.

Time to mature.

Time to get serious.

Time to push commercial real estate forward.

Time to scorch the earth.

Quick Reflection.

Indulgence. No other way to put it. You as in anyone that has clicked on my written words has done just that. Allowed me………!

Voice. Rants Raves Opinions F-Bombs Satire Features BS-Bombs Videos Comments Tweets Posts Pictures and ATTITUDE.

Value. Worldwide communication connections and conversations. Sense of a real community. Face to Face. Belly to Belly. Word to Word.

A Simple Point.

When I started writing about commercial real estate it was easier just to say that this is just an opinion of a broker and this is what I think. To that point it has certainly been a just cause. Now it’s time to Evolve Mature Get Serious and Scorch the Earth.

The Community. Our Community. The Commercial Real Estate Community.

It has evolved and matured. I also have right along with it.

For some reason I have started to feel a sense of responsibility for that community.

It has become just more than opinions and rants about what could or should be.

I sense a maturation of people ideas actions and the commercial real estate community.

Too Serious?

I think not and more specifically not serious enough.

It is time to dig deeper into subjects technologies and personalities and see what’s next.

It’s also time to dig a little deeper and change what is WRONG.

It’s time to nurture the commercial real estate community.

It is time to…….

Move Forward.

Time to separate the news,social and opinion parts of commercial real estate.

You can find great commercial real estate news on any number of great sites.

You can find thousands of people cranking out anything and everything about commercial real estate on Twitter LinkedIN Google  + and tons of other networks.

Where can you find opinions that are relevant topical meaningful and RAW? Yes, that’s right………from Duke Long.

It is time to move forward and…….

Scorch The Earth.

It is time to take the gloves off.

It is time to have accountability.

It is time to take an active role in building the community.

It is time to stop the F-Bombs……and it is time to drop thousands more.

It is time for…… More depth. More Insight. More Truth. More Value. More Nasty.

Will you like it? Will you want it? Will you be afraid of it? Will you need it?

It is the community. It is our community. It is your commercial real estate community!


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Duke Long


  • Hooahhh! Well said, Duke. This reminds me of a story I just read in the Dallas Observer, wherein the late great Ronald Reagan, in considering whether to greatly increase funding for high energy physics in the U.S., and knowing that the payoff would be years, maybe decades in the future, quoted legenday author Jack London: “i would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze, than it should be stifled in dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, with every atom in me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.”
    A sportswriter once asked legendary Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken “the Snake” Stabler what he thought London meant. Stabler’s reply was succint – “throw deep”.