Every Human In A Building Is A Revenue Source. And Why Not!

Oh, the pitches that come along with the pitches. They are many and to be honest, lately, some of them are so very good.

A few that have caught my attention and the few that have stood out are the ones that are facing the consumer.

And when I say facing the consumer I mean directly facing them.

Where do these companies live? They live where the rest of the entire world lives.

On that screen. that minicomputer we all hold in our hands just about every second of every day.

How many conversations do I start with “I have written about” but then that would truly be digressing?.

But, here we are so let’s look at this simple scenario.

You are a major building owner and or property management firm. You have a building, a big building with say five thousand people who in one way or another occupy that structure every day. I live in Manhattan and am I one of those people in and out of a fair representation of those very buildings. How often do I use my phone when I am in that building? Fair question, not too much but what if I were a mid-level manager of a five hundred person firm in that same building. You might say they should never touch the phone and focus on work. Fair enough also but what is actually realistic in the world we live in today? Let me dig a bit deeper. Say that same manager wants to have a quick off-site mini team meeting and include lunch. What do you think that manager reaches for first? Yes, there may be some form of inter-company communication tool but beyond that what are the sources for that person to use? Not hard to imagine the possibilities. They do still call it a phone.

Let’s go further. That same manager has two children and a spouse. How is that phone used to communicate and do just about anything else? Are you not seeing it yet? What services could the owner of that building provide for that one manager? How much money does that manager represent to the economy in general?

Here is the big question, what percentage of that total spend could the building owner get if they did provide services to that manager?

How about this, how much money is that building owner NOT making by NOT providing certain services to the entire COMMUNITY that already exists under just one roof?

The phrase I have been throwing around this week is “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

So how many dollars is that number? You don’t know, do you? You have no idea.

Every day five thousand people occupy that one structure for how many working hours.

Consuming what?

It has to be so much more than just space air and water.

Yes, we all know it’s called providing space as a service.

But, I need to ask what are the services now and what services are you missing today?

Is that service or services something that you want to create and manage? Should it be the building owner? Are they/you best suited to be the ones to do so?

What if you are not some kind of major REIT or multibuilding ower. Is that cost justified?

It’s not your focus obviously and should it be? Have you looked into companies that do just that?

I’m talking about companies that focus solely on Community Management and the Revenue Generated from it.

Got your attention there again did I not?

Community Management and Revenue Generation. (CMRG) I need to start trademarking this stuff!

Let’s start adding that to your balance sheet and putting some fundamentals around basic concept.

Wow, how much money can that be?

Again, how much money can that possibly be?

Let me say this again, “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

But you say “we already have a solution that.”

Are you sure?

The companies that have been pitching me may be coming at it from various angles but the idea is the same.

Use available technology, wait use available MOBILE technology to make……..

Every Human In A Building Is A Revenue Source.

And Why Not!


+1 All they need is? YOU!







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