Ethereum: A Platform for Decentrailzed Applications.

The Internet.

Think about what the internet was. Think about what is started out as.

The internet was going to be this free open and vast resource where everyone on the planet could interact express themselves and collaborate for free with no defined rules or overlord of authority.

The internet today is anything but that. Who runs the show? Amazon, Facebook, Oracle, Google or how about The NSA?

If you look at just the public companies, we freely give away our personal and financial information, security, privacy and for what?

A more effective use of the actual structure of the internet?

A better way to create the actual function of a business?

A better way to communicate and interact?


Decentralization (or decentralisation) is the process of redistributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority. Source- Wikipedia.

Bitcoin itself is a paragon of decentralisation: Its payment system is kept up by a distributed peer-to-peer network of users (the blockchain) rather than by a single authority.

Block Chains: The Biggest Threat to #CRE #Ever or Not? builds on the blockchain technology to deliver its promise but aspires to be about more than just money.



– Combines blockchain technology + smart contracts ( self-executing, self-enforcing agreements)

– Ethereum blockchain enables automated consensus between parties to a contract.

– Decentralization on a large scale.

I now have your complete attention!

Reread that again.

Not understanding it yet?

Let me help.

A platform that enables the creation of apps or “dapps” to run on the whole internet that uses blockchain technology to automate self-executing self-enforcing agreements between parties to a contract.

A platform of DAPPS.

A platform that uses blockchain technology.

A platform that automates self-executing self-enforcing agreements.

A platform that automates between the parties of the contract.

Think DEEPER!.

A building will store and execute any transaction with its own data.

Any Transaction!

Ethereum: A Platform for Decentralized Applications.


+1 And this is just the building.

Data + Location = Commercial Real Estate.

+1+1 There is so so much more to come.





Duke Long