“Eat Me If You Wish.”

“Eat Me If You Wish.”

In and throughout this journey that I have taken these last few years the one constant that drives me to continue is the incredible people that I get to meet with, talk to, and exchange ideas with.

In the world, we live in today that obviously takes many forms. Email, Dm’s, phone calls, snaps, carrier pigeons, etc. etc.

The range of ideas and perspective is unbridled and for that, I can’t help but be thankful for all.

One particular message with a link that I received recently via text has stayed with me for some reason.

I will give all the credit to Craig (Mr. yards per catch average record holder) for this one.

I am not sure if this is the entire story and I think it was taken from part of something else.

“Eat Me If You Wish.”

One day, [the Buddhist saint] Milarepa left his cave to gather firewood, and when he returned he found that his cave had been taken over by demons. There were demons everywhere! His first thought upon seeing them was, “I have got to get rid of them!” He lunges toward them, chasing after them, trying forcefully to get them out of his cave. But the demons are completely unfazed. In fact, the more he chases them, the more comfortable and settled in they seem to be. Realizing that his efforts to run them out have failed miserably, Milarepa opts for a new approach and decides to teach them the dharma.

“If chasing them out won’t work, then maybe hearing the teachings will change their minds and get them to go.” So he takes his seat and begins… After a while, he looks around and realizes all the demons are still there…At this point, Milarepa lets out a deep breath of surrender, knowing now that these demons will not be manipulated into leaving and that maybe he has something to learn from them. He looks deeply into the eyes of each demon and bows, saying, ‘It looks like we’re going to be here together. I open myself to whatever you have to teach me.”

In that moment all the demons but one disappear. One huge and especially fierce demon, with flaring nostrils and dripping fangs, is still there. So Milarepa lets go even further. Stepping over to the largest demon, he offers himself completely, holding nothing back. “Eat me if you wish” He places his head in the demon’s mouth, and at that moment the largest demon bows low and dissolves into space.

Original Source: Milarepa, Yogi of Tibet.

We all have our demons.

I call them demons because it allows me by my definition to assume some sort of control over what they are.

I also understand that many don’t even acknowledge the existence of demons for whatever personal reasons, religious or otherwise.

(You have to admit this is getting pretty deep for a guy known for floating the F-Bombs.)

To that point we ALL have them.

And with that, my personal understanding that I took away was that I was not facing them enough.

I have stated many times that I am the kind of guy who is afraid of NOTHING!

Call it the alpha male thing if you want.

But, why is it that even then I (we) let some demons take hold?

What stops us all from facing those demons?

More and more my days are filled with those same types of calls and messages I mentioned before.

I am asked for my advice, perspective, thoughts, direction and flat out $$$$$.

As I may have mentioned in previous writings I often ask questions to help gain additional perspective.

It usually starts with:

Do you will you love and embrace the process of getting there? (That might become a big theme for me this year.)

Do you understand that most if not all of the people who will become or are already your customers come from real estate?

Think about that.

What do they do every day?

Every day and have done for decades.

Build, buy, sell, and manage physical structures.

How fucking hard is that? Actually, it’s fucking hard.

BUT, most if not all of the people that do it keep on doing it because it makes their blood run hot and deep.

It’s the kill, the thrill of the chase and so on. Too much Alpha for you? Sorry. Get the fuck out of the way.

These people are playing at the higher level or THE Highest Level of Business.

They are doing it on a Global Scale.

A couple of quick real world tips:

A well known VC turned CEO (who shall remain nameless because he gets enough pub as it is) related a story about two founders he met. To make the story short, he said after their quick pitch and talking to them for a few minutes he could not get his checkbook out fast enough. He just knew the two people had IT. He said he almost did not care what they were doing he was going to bet on those two specific people. The company they were pitching? Warbly Parker. Go ahead and click I will wait. yes, that’s with a B.

In the corp offices of one of the top worldwide brokerages recently. What do they look for in companies?  And I am quoting here “70% is the team, the people.” Why? Well, if you don’t have that figured out that’s why you can’t find and or raise money,

That’s why you can’t figure out a product for generating revenue or build that special one of a kind thing that just hits!

If you want to raise $100 mil what’s stopping you?

Is it your demons?

It’s gets announced almost every day.

Why are you not providing that $100 mil idea?

What’s holding you back.?

It is your demons.

They are uniquely yours.

Dig deeper. Flesh them out.

Be one of the people I cannot wait to work with.

They already exist. And yes that means $$$$.

Have not received any $$$ from me yet? Take a fucking hint!

Be one of the people that The Global #CRE World Needs, Wants, and Has to Have!

I’m looking every day and so are they.

Go after your demons

Stare them in the face.

Take them on like never before.

Who knows, maybe I am one of them.

I challenge you!

“Eat Me If You Wish.”




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