Does Loopnet Change Commercial Property Search Forever?

Is Loopnet really taking Commercial property search to the “next level”?  Will they create a real-time cloud based commercial property search? What happens if you put real time updates on individual property records? Does commercial real estate searching change forever? I think Loopnet is giving it one hell of a shot. Let’s take a look.

Taking property research further.

In addition to over 90 enhancements and fixes, the Loopnet tech team has brought us an incredible update to the property research database. Check it out.

New search. There are many new ways to explore the property database.

Expanded search criteria:

Search by owner/mortgage info to find out who has been buying properties in your market or whose mortgage is coming due. Search by tenants to find prospects for your space for lease, buy properties with high value tenants, or figure out where your next business should be.

New property record layout. They have re-thought property records to help you get what you need and make decisions faster.

Tabbed navigation. Start with a summary of the property then jump into any tab for more details.

Stats & trends. Benchmark any property with nearby similar properties for a quick read on valuation and competitiveness.

Printer friendly. No more messy layout. Just select what sections you want a hard copy of and go.    

Better credits. Members who contribute photos and other details to improve property records now get their logo and member profile tagline displayed.

New Reporting. Finally, reports that make sense. With great-looking templates, easy-to-use editing tools, and multiple ways to share, the perfect report can be created in minutes.

Easy report creation:

1) From search results check off the properties you are interested in and click Create Report.

2) Next, choose from over a dozen professionally designed templates covering all the ways you can use the info from property records.

3) Your report is now ready. Print it, download it as a PDF or get a web link to share it.

Personalization. If you like, click on the text in a report to change it. Type in the name of the person you’re sharing the report with. Add your own notes about the properties you’re sharing.

Customization. Make the report the way you want it by adding maps, additional photos, market trends and more. Drag and drop properties to rearrange the order in which they are displayed in your report. Every time you change your report, it’s instantly ready to be downloaded or shared

Loopnet Property Facts:

Do more than search and list properties. Look up property info by address to find owner and tenant info, mortgage and lender history, tax records, historical listing info, sales comps and much more. This will change commercial property search FOREVER!

I have a had a personal demo on this product already and it is amazing. The one key feature that I am the most interested in is the ability to have multiple data sources for input. This is the beginning of the CLOUD for commercial real estate search with Loopnet’s database at the core. What are your thoughts?






Duke Long


  • How many people can identify another CRE listing service that exists on a national level? Sure, CoStar is dominant on a national level…. in research and not as a listing service. I like LoopNet and you’ve identified some quality tools in their current arsenal. My main concern however, is that because they have become so dominant in CRE, how are they to be kept in check? Do their offerings take full advantage of current technology? Should they offer more customized solutions for more robust needs? I feel that LoopLink, for example, has fallen behind as other property-specific geovisualization options have propelled forward.

  • One more dimension to explore with Loopnet is that they are a publicly traded company. They treat smaller customers with disrespect and price some features so that small agencies won’t take advantage of them, ie Looplink.