DisruptCRE New York March 26, 2015. @Conevene 32 Old Slip Financial District.

DisruptCRE New York March 26, 2015. @Conevene 32 Old Slip Financial District.


DisruptCRE is a conference like no other. We showcase the best and brightest ideas from the most innovative minds in technology and commercial real estate. Our goal is to be a catalyst of change by merging the built environment with technological innovation. Our presenters will explore how technology is facilitating the changes in the future of investing, developing, managing, leasing, buying, selling, & financing commercial properties.

It’s these innovators who are disrupting the status quo by bringing new ideas to market.

Hundreds of thought leaders from the NYC area are expected to be in attendance, running from 12:00-7:00 p.m.

Come network with the disruptors behind the companies who are at the forefront of our fast paced and ever changing industry. Join us for our thought provoking panels with industry leaders who will be discussing disruptive new models and technologies that are changing the dynamics of commercial real estate.

Attendees will learn about the wide gap between commercial real estate and technology, and how technology is and will continue to dramatically change the business of real estate.

The event will held @Convene 32 Old Slip in the Financial District.

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#CRE #TECH in the belly of the #CRE #TECH beast—— New York City.

Come and network, meet new people see old friends.

See the #CRE #TECH world changing right in front of your face.

Follow me on my eternal quest for the worlds best slice of pizza. (It’s out there.)

Help support our industry and push it forward.


DisruptCRE New York March 26, 2015. @Conevene 32 Old Slip Financial District.

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