DisruptCRE Chicago 2015 Download. #CRE #TECH and #VERTIGO.

DisruptCRE Chicago 2015 Download. #CRE #TECH and #VERTIGO.

DisruptCRE Chicago 2015

Wow, what an event. Panels Pitches #CRETech Companies Conversations Networking Food Booze Technology Vertigo Da funny accents and Brilliant high school kids. How could you have missed this? You were out doing deals. Ok, good excuse.

Well, I went for you. How about that?

First of all everyone and I mean everyone was just dropping their jaws at the view. What a place to hold a #CRETech event.

There was a lot of buzz about this event and people were wondering what kind of crowd we were going to get. You tell me. The pic does not even show the areas that the #CRETech companies set up to display pitch and network their products.

The event kicked off with The “hitters” panel as I called it. I moderated. There were some WOW moments for me. Self driving cars. Data standards. Workplace environments and on and on. I wanted to go sit in the audience and listen.

I sat and listened to an excellent panel on crowd funding. The crowd funding platforms are growing at a neck bending pace.

A fantastic session about “tearing down the walls” with 1871 CEO/Managing Partner Howard Tullman and the people from IdeaPaint. I need to do a post about them.

I broke away from the panels for a bit of networking and Stephen the event organiser had arranged for some bright-eyed high school students from the Chicago Tech Academy to attend and hang out. They were brilliant. Howard Tillman and Elie Finegold dazzled them and in turn I think they were dazzled right back. What a spectacular idea from Stephen. Hey, the booze did not come out until waaaay after the kids had went back to school. I know you were checking. (wink)

Funny thing, some of the kids thought my boy Sam was famous!

To end the panels for the day I moderated what I called “The Big Hitters” panel. That is some major #CRETech knowledge sitting right there. Oh and I think they make some decisions that shake the earth in #CRE. They may not admit that so I will do it for them.

After the panel ended all of the companies attending got to line up and do a 45 second pitch. I loved this part. It was like a #CRETech Shark Tank. They wanted feedback. They got feedback.

Looks like they were paying attention to me.

The day started to turn into night. I moved towards the back. Look at the pic at the top of the post. I took my phone looked to my right and clicked a pic, not too bad. I need to give a HUGE shout out to Stephen Hopkins, Mariel Ebrahimi and Aimee Goudas they need to get all the credit in the world. How do they do it? I can’t do it. You can’t do it. They make it look so easy. Who’s the weird dude on the far right? :):)

About this time the nosh and adult beverages appeared. I drank water because (wink) I’m a good boy. A few people went to take pics on the ledge like Stephen and his crew. We all decided to head out to dinner and “network” until the wee hours of the night. There are already many more DisruptCRE Events planned. The next one is in Toronto.

DisruptCRE Chicago 2015 Download. #CRE #TECH and #VERTIGO.

See you at the next one! #CRETech!

Duke Long

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