Did You Notice Nobody Is Talking About BlockChain Anymore? Wonder Why?

So, it was a flurry of excitement and all kinds of press.

And I may have been part of or not immune to some of the hype myself.

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The big bad world changing BlockChain for real estate.

And you were at the time saying “so what?”

At this point, you look like a tech futurist savant.

But, “not so fast my friend.”

It’s been quiet and on the down low for a few reasons.

Let’s address them, shall we?

  1. This shit is hard. Wait, let me rephrase that. All software development is hard. It’s not just hitting a few keys and then “poof” problem solved.
  2. It’s hard to find the people who know and understand what blockchain is. It’s even harder to find someone with the technical skills to create the blockchain magic that will be practical and usable.
  3. Stupid money. Yea, I said it, there is always stupid money that gets thrown around at the start.
  4. Smart money hangs backs and waits, usually, it waits to go big. Just look at the basic VC markets now. Prime example.
  5. Stupid people. Pretty self-explanatory.
  6. Smart people. How many smart people are there that can take real estate, blockchain and put together a product that will be adopted and used? That number is how many? Hold up one maybe two hands. That’s in the entire world right now. If you think it’s hundreds or thousands, you don’t know SHIT!
  7.  Did I mention how hard it is to start a company and make it grow into something of value? Oh, yes, I did.
  8.  Regulations or what I call the “Uber Hell.” All respect to Uber here but when they go into a market all hell breaks loose. Yes, I know you and I think that’s a good thing. The people whose ass they kick do not, so they regulate. The blockchain is so far out they don’t even know how to regulate it yet much less how to stop if. Which they can’t. They are just trying to figure out (taxes) how to make money from it so far.
  9. The consumer has not been affected. YET, and when that does happen? “UberHell.”
  10.  The system still works….for now. It’s not the system that needs to change, it’s the entire process. And it will. Reread that one again. I said again. “If it ain’t broke.” It’s not.

    “There is just a better more efficient, secure, transparent and trustworthy way to do it. BlockChain will provide all of that and then some” -Duke Long.

Regulate your ass off to that one!

So, it’s been quiet, all shhh and yawning.

That’s ok. I see that as a good thing.

Here in the U.S., it may be that way for a little while yet.

Sleep easy, sleep tight.

No need to worry.

China will have it all figured out before you do anyway.

Did You Notice Nobody Is Talking About BlockChain Anymore? Wonder Why?


+1 Maybe you didn’t notice anything at all.

+1+1 Wow, just wow.






  • With all due respect Duke, you couldn’t be more wrong : ) If there’s less talk it’s because there’s more doing. In the last two months I’ve been contacted by more title insurance companies, real estate developers, REITs, commercial brokerages, real estate tech startups, etc than in the last four years! They’re all seeking blockchain software to implement. Many of these are publicly traded companies or billion dollar private companies. The hype is being replaced by action, it’s just behind the scenes.