“Conference Season” Is Here. How Is It Possible We Have Not Met Yet?

What is the conference season?

It’s the season of conferences obviously. Come on people, keep up!

Maybe it’s because the real football season is starting, there is something about this time of year and continuing right up until the holidays. There is always plenty of stuff going on during the rest of the year, but when fall hits and the air starts to get crisp it seems like there is another level.

I get asked often and I always do appreciate the invitations that I get to attend all types of commercial real estate and tech events. Part of being in New York is that fact that there is almost something to attend every day and I do mean every day. It can be exhausting sometimes. I do love it though. It’s a good kind of tired and worn down. Some much knowledge and so many amazing people.

To this point, I have already committed to a few events this fall and I thought I would highlight some of them and give you a chance decide if you might want to attend. I’m always open to new and interesting ideas and networking opportunities. Is that not why we attend these things in the first place? Um, also, it’s me so, can I not keep from “commenting” about some of them? Read on, we shall see.


One of the originals. How do you miss these stellar events? It’s Michael Beckerman and the team at The News Funnel doing it like only they can. The level of speakers is unprecedented and the locations are…….PRIME! I will be attending both. Find me. Help me scare away the Loopnet people. Not the ones who sold the company. I like them.

CCIM Global Conference.

This will be my first Global CCIM conference. I was cordially invited to get a deeper look into where CCIM is going in the future. There is no organization that exemplifies the professionalism of #CRE like CCIM. Maybe we will talk a bit of tech while I’m there? (Wink)

MIPIM PropTech Summit.

#CRE and #Tech is now GLOBAL and this event showcases it like no other. I will be moderating a Frontier Technology Panel. It will be a must see. All of this started with an idea from my boy Aaron founder of MetaProp NYC. He thought it would be nice to combine several events into some kind of Real Estate Tech Week with the MIPIM event as the anchor. And what a brilliant idea it was. How can you miss this one? Did I mention it’s GLOBAL? The people you meet, the content, the conversations, the drinks….oops well, there is that too. Duke’s mantra for the event “build bridges, build bridges, build bridges.” See Aaron I pay attention, sometimes.

National Association of Realtors Conference & Expo.

Does this seem like a curious choice of #CRE and #Tech related event to attend? It’s not at all. NAR flat out kills it. They are as tech savvy as any organization. Now, let me state this. No matter what NAR does half of the people involved hate it and half love it. What is NAR’s actual function as an organization? To be an advocate for Realtors and real estate. Are half of you agreeing and the other half disagreeing with just that statement alone? See my point. I will be moderating a panel focused on blockchain and real estate. NAR is so on it the panel is full up and scheduled already. The amount of quality educational sessions is almost daunting. How can you not take away something of value from the relentless schedule of commercial sessions? Come to Chicago or as it is also called The City Beautiful in November and hang with me and #JeanStrong, I can’t wait.

This is but just a few of many events scheduled this fall. I’m sure I will be attending many more. How about you?

If you see me come up and say “hi.” It’s always a thrill for me to meet someone new and talk tech.

If you have opinions about my writing or my style of writing keep them to yourself. I’m not adverse to opinions or criticism, but it’s just hey…!

In other words, FUCK OFF.

Maybe we will throw a few back and become friends.

Maybe your insight will help push commercial real estate forward. I can almost guarantee it will.

Let’s get out there people.

Let’s mingle and…..

“Conference Season” Is Here. How Is It Possible We Have Not Met Yet?