Commercial Real Estate Reality In The OC With Allen Buchanan. Lee and Associates.

Commercial Real Estate Reality In The OC With Allen Buchanan. Lee and Associates.

Ahhhhh The OC.

I just spent a couple of days in The OC  with Allen Buchanan one of the Principles of Lee and Associates.

It was a fascinating two days and I can’t wait to go back. I think it’s the car porn at every stop light.

Social Media Commercial Real Estate Reality. Wait! Have you stopped reading already?

The back story.

This has to go back at least two or three years. I write. I tweet. I opine.

Allen reads watches listens and learns. He follows me among others. He creates his own online presence.

And he does it for one simple reason. To Do More Deals!

Now having met Allen he has to be one of the true pure examples of what anyone defines as a professional commercial real estate broker.

He has done millions of dollars in transactions involving millions and millions of square feet in one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world.

So why should he spend any time at all using social media? He’s legit. He’s old school. He’s connected. Did you skip over the why? To Do More Deals!

I’ve heard it a thousand times. “That shit doesn’t work here.” “What a fucking waste of time.” “Just work the phone and set appointments.”

I am getting kind of tired of hearing it. God those people are old fuckers with no rhyme or reason.

All The Weapons. All The Tools.

So is Allen a progressive and forward thinking broker? Of course he is.

Does he use all the tools available like direct mail? Of course he does. I just received a “themed” flashlight/screw driver.

Does he use touch marketing? Of course he does. I get a postcards of listings from him.

Does he network? Of course he does with his local BNI.

Does he work the phone? Of course he does. He made a least three calls two of which two were for me while I sat in his office.

Does he play it forward for his clients? Of course he does. I need to connect one of his clients to a contact of mine in Indy and I am happy to do it.

So all of this and….social media……because it provides another way to touch connect show opinions define expertise and flat-out get face to face.

And The Doors Open.

Would I have ever had the chance to connect with Allen without my use of social media? I seriously doubt it.

We all need to focus our time on the things that make us money…social media does not look like it seems to be one of those things.

WRONG. Have Alan and I figured out some special magical sauce that makes us more efficient or more capable than anyone else…….NO!

Allen has over his career already created a great marketing and networking skill set. Social media is just another skill he has mastered and put into the mix.

Real World.

Take a look at what Allen is doing.

This is the reality of what a major commercial real estate broker in a major commercial real estate market does to create commercial real estate business.

This is 2013 and this is Commercial Real Estate Reality In The OC With Allen Buchanan. Lee and Associates.

Duke Long