• I love a rant Duke!

    Brokers have fallen victim to their own success. The past decade made them lazy, and that laziness makes them seem stupid, which of course, most are not. Desperate times make people do desperate things. Be thankful your not desperate. Be tolerant of those who are. If each time you walk through a door you get slapped on the back of the head, it won’t take you too long before you start ducking. So please, be patient with those of us who flinch.

  • Good stuff, Duke! Video has a way of driving a point HOME fairly quickly. The CRE brokerage community is indeed “savvy” on a variety of levels – most notably communication. Many successful CRE brokers do not actively participate in social media on a daily basis. In no way does this mean that they do not understand and appreciate social media as a communication channel. Regardless, uninformed critics continue to characterize the CRE brokerage community as “unsavvy” based upon participation in social media.

  • Duke, I enjoyed watching your video. I think we can all relate to those who don’t know when to quit selling, or use bait and switch tactics because they think people are too stupid to know they’re being jerked around. BTW, I’ve never met any CRE people I thought were stupid. Stupid doesn’t last too long when large sums of money are involved. 🙂