Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain. Let Me Help You Understand Why This Matters.

Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain. Let Me Help You Understand Why This Matters.

Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain. Let Me Help You Understand Why This Matters.

You hear about it occasionally and see it in your digital stream now and then. You may have even Googled it just to get some background for yourself. Bitcon Blockchain. To this point, it’s a lot of noise about a worldwide currency and the software code that allows it to work. If you want to dig deeper here is a video that explains it in plain simple english.

The financial industry and capital markets are taking notice of its enormous potential. One of Wall Streets wunderkinds has jumped into the startup world and put the banks on notice.

A quote from the article: “You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s,” Source- Bloomberg.

Blythe Masters Tells Banks the Blockchain Changes Everything.

I have written about and posted my thoughts about Ethereum and how a building could store its own data and create a transaction by itself using the Ethereum platform

Ethereum: A Platform for Decentrailzed Applications.

Then there is my detailed post about how blockchain could be used to eliminate the need for 90% of what it takes to create a transaction now. And I’m pretty sure I mention digital property records.

Block Chains: The Biggest Threat to #CRE #EVER or Not?

It looks like the U.S. government has decided that the digital property record idea may just be important enough to make it a law!

Gov’t in U.S. First to Record Survey on Bitcoin’s Blockchain.

While we in commercial real estate are fighting and suing each other over copyrights of pictures of buildings a company called has an open data API to push to any application in REAL TIME.

Let me state that in simple terms. has and open API for Bitcoin Blockchain! OPEN API…for BITCOIN BLOCKCHAIN.

I sent a link of the Chain API page to a few select people recently. One of those people replied with ” look for some commercial real estate blockchain to be coming out of———- very soon.” That person was a broker. A commercial real estate broker.

What in the hell could they possibly be doing with  it?

So let me put this together.

You have all the major asset classes investing and adopting Blockchain.

You have countless startups with major VC backers telling the banks that this is just like the start of the internet in the 1990’s.

You have the U.S. government passing a law that (if you read the article) helps stop corruption and makes the development process more transparent and fair, saving the taxpayers potential billions of dollars.

You have little old me ( who knows of at least 5 companies ) in commercial real estate helping startups work on Blockchain.

You have brokers working with and Open Data Blockchain API and creating ………… ??????  ( I have a pretty good idea )

What do we all know that you don’t?

You know what’s coming next.

“People in commercial real estate are smart. Smart as hell.” -Duke Long.

Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain. Let Me Help You Understand Why This Matters.


+1 On the phone this week with a west coast big hitter broker-owner. I’m talking billions of dollars in sales per year and he said  he explained Bitcoin Blockchain to his wife who has a background in the mortgage business. Her response  “oh yeah now I get it WOW!”




Duke Long