City Biz Commercial Real Estate

City Biz Commercial Real Estate

What is City Biz Commercial Real Estate?

Citybizlist is the premier insiders’ resource for local business news and information.

Why do they exist?

Local daily newspapers and weekly printed business journals just can’t do it – can’t filter the daily avalanche of digital information about local players in local, regional, national and global business activities. Today’s business decision-makers need better information faster and cheaper. Citybizlist is dedicated to meeting that need.

What makes them a must read?

According to Jay Rickey Publisher, “ What sets us apart?”  “One thing is our daily attention to SEC filings.” “But we also understand that a 10,000 SF deal locally in each market we serve is important to the local brokers in that market; most media outlets aren’t interested in that size of a deal”. “But our platform of emailing descriptive headlines each morning to the local commercial real estate communities we serve allows our email recipients to decide what’s important to them – they click on the headlines they want to read.” “Finally, we’re not afraid of brevity.” “We try to remove all superfluous information and really focus on the particulars of the deal.” “You can see how we construct stories through our How To Submit Stories page.”  Which can be found here: .

“One other thing: about 65 percent of the headlines we email out each morning is citybiz real estate -branded content.” “We also serve as a curator for locally relevant commercial real estate news and blogs, to which we link directly (no summary of the story first); this makes up the remaining headlines included in our emails.”

Markets Served:





New York:

South Florida:

Washington DC:

They also have a web presence in Charlotte/Raleigh and Pittsburgh but have yet to launch a daily email in those markets. They will be expanding this year – moving West and developing more of a national presence. Want your market included? You can request it here:

Localized and Relevant

Take a look at the site. City Biz puts it all the local relevant business and commercial real estate content in front of you daily. Not in your market?  Look at what a great resource this could be for your commercial real estate business.  City Biz is on my must watch and read list. Put it on your list too!

Duke Long

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