Can You Afford To Miss The Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast?

Can You Afford To Miss The Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast?

I have been asked several times in person.

I’ve received emails and links to articles.

At the end of conversations on phone calls “why don’t you?”

The message is the same. “You need to do a podcast now.”

I have always been reluctant for many reasons most of which is time.

How much time do we all have on this planet?

How much of that time do I want to spend creating a podcast?

I just did not think the time was worth the supposed value it would create.


After months and months of research, guess what I decided?

I need to do a Podcast Now!

Starting in 2017 I will be posting up the Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast.

Why and Why Now?

Let’s start with the basics. By all indications a podcast has the potential to educate, entertain, inform and inspire.

If done well it can also make you laugh, cry, cuss, ponder, opine, and even take action.

That is a pretty potent combination and range of thoughts and emotions.

There is one thing I left out that may be the most important.


There’s no better way to connect to a person than with the human voice.

A podcast enables that connection like no other content.

The reasons for this are simple.

First, podcasts have a voice. Not the “voice” of a blog post. But a real, live, human voice, with subtleties of inflection, emotion, and emphasis. It’s this voice (my voice) that breathes life into the content.

Second, podcasts go where you go, when you want to go there. You don’t have to plan your life around podcasts. You plan podcasts around your life. Podcasts are convenient. Which is why you invite them places other content cannot go. Podcasts move with you. They go where you and that phone go. On the streets of New York, at the airport, in your car, walking the dog, just about everywhere you decide you want it to be.

Think about text and video. They demand you eyes, ears, brain, and full attention. They demand your FOCUS!

Don’t get me wrong, text and video have their time and place … and it’s when you’re in one place.

But, we live on the move. It’s a mobile society. How far is your phone away from you right now? You can reach out and touch it because it’s that close.

And finally, because you will have given me permission.

Permission to join your world.

Permission to fill a part of your brain.

Permission to spend a small bit of time together.

And for that, I say “Thank You!”

What can you expect?

All white guys all the time. That’s it, White guys only talking about White guys being White guys.

Wait! What? Come on!  You know me. I will put whomever and talk about whatever I want. Period.

They way podcasts are structured and how I post them up will have an exhaustive outline of the content of each one.

That way you can choose if it’s something you want to listen to.

It could be all techy on one and all finance on another.

Did I mention the title was  “The Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast?”

What else? Whatever the hell I want. Look at my website? How far do I stray? Think about the possibilities? And why not?

Why not explore, and explore with no boundaries.

Will it be vulgar and crass? Of course not.

How easy would that be and how tired, ridiculous and absurd would that get?

Here is something to think about.

How hard is it to make this stuff entertaining? Try it for yourself. Not as easy as you might think.

This is about pushing it forward. All #CRE Forward.

NOT and I say again NOT the standard white guy pitch bullshit keep my fucking job/outlined/ interview pitch/thought leadership/pitch bullshit we all loath, roll our eyes at and shake our heads in disgust.

I have been told I am wasting my voice.

Wasting my authentic voice.

Here is a chance to hear it unfiltered.

Unfiltered for you to judge based on your interpretation.

I will take that all day every day.

So, it’s just you and I and all of the commercial real estate you decide worthy of your precious time.

Ask yourself.

Can You Afford To Miss The Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast?


+1 Rant:

The Howard Stern Comparision.

I have heard it before and more than a couple of times. Let’s stop this before it even starts. I know it’s meant as a condescending dig and a way to trivialize any attempt I may have regarding “individuality.”

It is a pure Bull Shit comparison.

I never have and will never even think I am within .000001% of what he does. But, you must admit he has what everyone wants. A HUGE audience. You may or may not agree with the content he creates but is does attract. So much so that Sirius gave him their company. Google his “Bank” and see how he is suffering? Not so much.

So if you want to fire it up go ahead and send it my way. Show the world your shrinking infinitesimal (I looked it up, not that familiar with the term) set of balls. And just for fun.

Duke Long

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