Build This And Kill Off Co-Star And Loopnet.

Build This And Kill OFF Co-Star And Loopnet.

Pretty bold statement don’t you think.

Don’t think it can be done?

Not enough money in the world to make it happen.

Already too entrenched into the industry and no need to change it……forever.

Here’s the problem.

What we have always done and and continue to do has always been wrong for brokers clients and the market.

Brokers handle the technology and they are controlled by brokers who want them to do everything themselves.

This is what supposedly keeps the all important data in the brokers hands and allows them to make the deal and therefore make a commission and pay the bills.

Sounds simple and a perfectly sane way to do business.

Two things need to change.

1. The way we approach technology.

Just Don’t! We are not good at it!

We relate to clients and building owners. We do relationships and create deals.

The best that we can do is use old outdated technology and platforms. Yes, I mean Co-Star and Loopnet. (Sorry Kelly)

2. Let technology help us create a tool that enables brokers owners managers etc. etc.

Not just a technology that is used by brokers.

Provide a free set of tools to any and all of the major real estate holders. I said FREE!

Aggregate the data into a database. Yes I know it’s expensive and time consuming but…..

It will create a database with REAL TRUE INSTANT and ACCURATE data.

The tools will provide real value for the users while…..

Keeping it away from the brokers so they can’t control it.

Did I mention that this will kill Co-Star and Loopnet.

The data will become it’s own platform and will help us create the next.

Is THIS just too simple.(<<<<secret answer)……to not work?


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Duke Long