“Brokers Are Irreplaceable And Transform Lives.” A (Video) Interview With Yan Khamish Biproxi.com

“Brokers Are Irreplaceable And Transform Lives.’ Wow, when was that last time you have heard any kind of statement like that directed towards brokers…ever. Is it not most always “people” explaining why and how brokers are done gone worthless and dead. Look at any kind of media outside #CRE and that’s all you get.

How about this for some full context from Yan “broker is another word for entrepreneur. Brokers are everywhere, they have a profound understanding of the power to grow a community, solve difficult economic problems, and transform lives. It is essential that brokers leverage technology to go beyond where we are today and create an even more robust and transparent marketplace.”

Highlights from the video below:

  • Changing the nature of trading.
  • Off market trading.
  • 1031.
  • Co-op.
  • Putting all pieces together in a trade.
  • Small leasing.
  • Be the market maker.

Yan Khamish Chief Commercial Officer.



Duke Long

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