• We’re using Bizzio. We like it for its flexibility. Every client has different needs, different information they want tracked, etc… Bizzio lets you easily set up each client or project you’re working on with a unique set of fields. The task tracking and commenting functions are simple but effective at helping you keep track of what you’ve done or what you still need to do.

  • I’ve used this several times on tenant rep assignments and each experience was amazing because it kept me organized, provided real-time information to my clients, and allowed for more efficient decision making.

    I am in Chicago and one of my clients is in Georgia. He was looking to open a clothing store and identified his top 5 submarkets. I was able to fully customize the Bizzio project by neighborhood and then by prospective site. For each site, I could list the key deal points and attach photos & site plans, etc. Everytime I added a new site, my client would get a notification and could comment immediately within Bizzio. Once we narrowed the prospective sites, he flew to Chicago for a tour.Since we toured with iPads, we didn’t carry any paperwork on the tour. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

    If you are thinking about buying, feel free to call me for more detailed feedback (312-784-2758) because I am a fan of this software. We have already started to use this to organize our files and appointments for ICSC ReCon next month.

  • i use it to manage my deals and my clients really like it. They can always get a lease plan etc even if I’m unavailable. Really like using it on tours.

  • I’ve been using Bizzio for a few months. I love that I have a centralized place for all materials related specific clients. I love that I can sort by site/deal — and that any info that needs to be communicated to and/or available to multiple stakeholders in a deal is available at any time. It’s a truly excellent tool

  • I’m impressed with the software so far, have met with the founder several times, and we are starting to work with it, too, on tenant rep assignments. Perhaps what’s most impressive to me is the firm’s receptiveness (and desire for) feedback on how to make the technology better.

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