(BIM) Building Information Modeling. Quietly Changing The World.

(BIM) Building Information Modeling. Quietly Changing The World.


Interesting statement don’t you think?

It seems that as far as technology has advanced in the last few years, there is a sentiment within the Building Information Modeling (BIM) community that regardless, the quality of content about BIM is that 90% of it is terrible.

For reference here are links to articles I wrote back in 2012. That’s four years ago people.

What Is BIM? Why It Will Change Commercial Real Estate Forever!

BIM: Location+True and Accurate Data = Global Commercial Real Estate.

And to refresh your memory:


As I have mentioned recently, BIM has been an under the radar technology that seems to get hardly any coverage in CRE/RE tech-related press.

And that is a shame. I think that I am as guilty as anyone. It has after all been four years.

To help push all things BIM and launch this underappreciated technology out front here are a few links to create some depth.

BIMForum. It;s a forum. Talk amongst yourselves.

The VA BIM Guide. There is a VA BIM Thing Seriously? Awesome!

BIMWORLD. They speak many languages here.

Practical BIM  Site that has “opinions” about the use of BIM. Hmm.

bimWORKSHOPS.  All over the country. How to.

BIM and BEAM. From Autodesk. They pretty much invented it.

I hope this helps.

Hey BIM people sorry not paying more attention.

You are changing the world.

One BIM building at a time.

(BIM) Building Information Modeling. Quietly Changing The World.






Duke Long

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