Attraction Marketing or How To Be UNFAMOUS!

Attraction Marketing or How To Be UNFAMOUS!

Unfamous – “not famous or not widely known about or respected.”

It’s easy to picture in your mind. Think of some people that are “famous” as defined by our society today.

How many of them do you follow on Twitter? (Guess how may “famous” people I follow on Twitter? Fucking Zero!)

Now picture some of the one’s that are famous for being infamous. Not worth your time right?

Now picture the people who make you cringe at the very thought of their name or face. What price fame? Any Price?

Then we get to the unfamous. How big of a pool is that? It has to be HUGE!

Or is it? The definition of unfamous again is “not famous or not widely known about or respected.”

What Price Fame.

How hard is it to become famous?

There are some pretty obvious paths already. Sports, Movies, Politics, Religion and so on.

How many of you want to click off because I just equated fame with religion?

Taking a narrow stance here but I am much more offended with the politically motivated and their quest for fame.

It would seem to be even easier today.

Most and I emphasise most people have access to the web and countless outlets for any and all kinds of media.

So the ability to become famous, infamous and or unfamous would seem to hold very few bounds.

“Now wait a minute there Duke, aren’t you talking about becoming famous not unfamous?”

Trying Too Hard?

Is it me or are there too many trying way too hard to become famous and by doing so become unfamous?

My answer is HELL YES!

Let me show you how. (Slaying many an ego and loving every minute of it here.)

Let’s start with this: Best SNL line ever: “I’m what you call Twitter famous.” “What does that mean?” “Not famous.” April 2012

The incessant retweets of the listings and then again the listings. Have we not learned anything? Answer: NO?

The collegial BS. My kid is a freshman in college, and she does none of that rah rah free PR shit. You paid them it was not the other way around. “Oh, Duke you have no school pride.” I will when they quit sending me solicitations in the mail almost every day asking for MORE money. Dare I mention football tweets? Blasphemy! If you played (while I’m at it what are the odds that you are a 6’3  220lb. African American male who runs a 4.3 40 and is reading this?)<<< (Racial Stereotyping?) on the team, I give you a pass. (If you are the person mentioned above give my regards to Wharton.)

Video as if it were being watched by someone anyone.

I said being watched by anyone. 17 views 36 views. 43 views. Does that justify the time and effort it takes to put those things together? How many times can you look at your own face? (Now my boy Allen kicks ass BTW. He’s got the street cred you will never have). The interviews of #OLDWHITEGUYS. Nobody else exists? They do, and you are just trying to climb the white ladder to success. Sure as hell a woman or person of color is not worth vetting for any reason at all. How in the fuck else can you help your “career?” That is why your doing the video. To attract business? That’s what I always hear. Not one person has ever said to me “I have a fucking ego the size of the Titanic and love to see my face and hear my voice over and over.” Fuck that would be refreshing and do you know why? That’s what everyone thinks. EVERYONE. You call bullshit? Next time you are in front of the camera let me jump in and grab the mike and hog all of the air and face time. Tell me you won’t hate my ass for just a little bit and probably forever. I call Hubris.


In my dentist’s office, the other day and the hygienists/staff were talking about the Grammys.

” They take themselves way too seriously.”

” They are going to be gone in a month.”

” That stuff does not affect what real people actually do or the real world.”

” Who really cares what kind of dresses and clothes they wear?”.

” It’s worse that jr high school and they make it seem like it’s important.”

” I didn’t even know the Grammys were on.”

Clueless out of touch midwesterners?

Or main target audience for the advertisers?

They are talking about what our society considers famous people.

People who are famous and supposedly make money from being famous.

So Why?

Why the effort?

Why the time taken?

Why the money spent?

Why the ridiculous puffery? (look it up)

You are after all just trying to monetise.

You and I both know a little secret. You aren’t making jack shit.

You know who’s making money? People doing actual deals.

Those people must be fucking unicorns in your mind.  And not the tech unicorns you hear about…. the real one’s.

Yes, I can hear you.

“Duke FU, you of all people. Who does more of the shit you are talking about than you?

Oh, I do think that’s where we differ and differ greatly.

You think you’ve figured it out it’s……..

Attraction Marketing for business.

I don’t think so at all I think it’s…..

Attraction Marketing or How To Be UNFAMOUS!



+1 I wonder if being bald has anything to do with it?





Duke Long

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