Are You Getting Enough Fiber? ….…To Your Building, That Is. Guest Post Christi Jakubik.

Are You Getting Enough Fiber? ….…To Your Building, That Is.

A quick glimpse at the state of connectivity and what it means to you.
Building owners, property managers and leasing brokers the world over are kept up at night by the same nagging question: “How do I position my property in the market so I can attract and retain the best tenants?”

Well, unlike a lot of other things in life, the answer is actually quite simple.
More fiber.

A fiber network, that is. In 2015, things like competitive rental rates, ample parking, and convenient location are no longer enough to fill your building with terrific tenants. As always, they still need an environment that allows them to grow their business and enjoy a competitive edge. But today, that environment has to include an Internet connection so fast, it makes heads spin… in your direction, that is, helping you secure sought-after signatures on lease after lease.

It’s become an expectation among business owners and IT managers that smart companies lease space in smart buildings that keep tenants constantly connected so they can measure, manage and move every aspect of their business every minute of every day. Of course, there are plenty of websites, articles and conferences dedicated to the finer points of what makes an intelligent building… well, intelligent. Here, though, we’re talking specifically about high-speed fiber connectivity – why you need it, where to get it and how to keep the process of procuring it easy, quick and stress-free.
But it’s just Internet access. Is it really all that important?

Yep. Yep, it really is. With all the hoopla surrounding Google Fiber expanding into residential markets, providers of business-class fiber connectivity see a big opportunity as well and are rapidly expanding their networks to stake their claim on this expanding market. According to a report by Vertical Systems Group, fiber is present in approximately 42.5 percent of U.S. commercial buildings. Take a guess what that figure was just ten years ago.

Less than 11 percent.

In the past decade, lightning-fast connectivity has evolved from a luxury to an expectation, and that trend shows no signs of tapering off. “Accessibility to fiber-based business services in the U.S. nearly quadrupled between 2004 and 2014, with hundreds of thousands of sites newly fiber-connected during this time period,” says Rosemary Cochran, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “As a result of this growth, our fiber penetration benchmark now exceeds 40 percent for the first time.” And as access to connectivity at higher and higher speeds becomes more prevalent, that benchmark will continue to grow.

Not sure if you’re getting enough fiber?
Contact Rail Yard to discuss your options. We’ll assess your building connectivity and connect you with a selection of best-in-class providers. Then, we’ll go a step further and help you market and differentiate your building portfolio by showcasing the high-speed connectivity you offer to your tenants.

Are You Getting Enough Fiber? ….…To Your Building, That Is. Guest Post Christi Jakubik.





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