Are You A Tech Company? Do You Want To Connect To Commercial Real Estate? Here Are The Top 10 Must Go To Sites.

Are You A Tech Company? Do You Want to Connect To Commercial Real Estate? Here Are The Top 10 Must Go To Sites.

On a lists roll.

Here I am back again with another list of #CRE goodness with a shout out to the amazing Katie Sershon of Jones Lang LaSalle.

There is an ever-growing base of technology companies emerging in the #CRE tech space. There is also a growing interest in these companies because of what they are today what they represent to the commercial real estate community and please oh please what they may do to push commercial real estate forward. But…..

How do we find them? Click here. Better yet where are the eyeballs of commercial real estate. Who should the #CRE tech companies be building relationships with in the commercial real estate “press?”

I have a simple list. Amazing I know!

1. The Wall Street Journal.

Too easy right. Look at what Michael the CEO of Comstak has done with the WSJ. Makes the hair tingle on the back of your neck.

2. Estate Forum.

I am on the site everyday. You better be too. At the risk of offending anyone else on the list it is a must read everyday. The Real Estate Forum is a monthly and is available in digital form. Ok , so the tech people say” yea we got a guy who knows somebody there and we have an in.” Really? (Hey Ian Ritter nice meeting you at SIOR Palm Springs we need to grab a cold one.) Hey tech people get to work and get out of your bubble. The eyeballs are worth GOLD.

3. Commercial Property Executive.

Commercial Property Executive. Tag Line: Advancing the business of Commercial Real Estate. I am going to say this one time Commercial Property Executives read this! I am sure others do also. Everyone wants the C-suite decision maker. Here they are.

4. National Real Estate Investor.

News,Deals,Markets,Sub-markets,People,Research,Data, All property types,Technology etc. They have it all and the scope of their digital content is endless. Dig thru and take a look and say “Hi” to my buddy David.

5. BizNow.

Widely know for their localized commercial real estate events. How about a #CRE Schmoozearama. Want to get face to face? Want to press the flesh? Want meet real human beings that actually do commercial real estate? They are not hiding.

6. The Business Journals.

41 top markets drilled down by industry and all have a commercial real estate component. Always looking for new and trending tech news. I subscribed to get an email update from the Indianapolis Business Journal Property Lines. It’s my back yard.

7. World Property Channel.

The scope of commercial real estate information is well….worldwide! Guess where they are based out of? Miami! Who knew.

8. Co-Star.

Do you want brokers eyeballs?  Just go to Co-Star News.  (Wow that hurt.)

9. TheNewsFunnel

Started just a couple of years ago by Michael Beckerman a commercial real estate PR veteran. This site is simple and brilliant. Look at the companies already using “The Funnel.” Just go there now and make it happen. I said GO!

10. Me!

Anything tech and commercial real estate I will post it up. Well almost anything. It does have to pass the Duke Filter.

There it is a simple clean list of 10 commercial real estate news and PR sources for anyone wanting to connect to the/our business.

If you have other sources post them up.

Your thought comments points of view and opinions are always appreciated.


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