And The Winner Of The Duke Long Halloween Costume Contest Is?

How much fun was this!!!! A HUGE shout out to Matt Smith and Sarah Jones at RealNex for being ridiculous!

And all just to show the world that #CRE has a sense of humor.

The submissions were many and it was hard to decide.

And The Winner Is:

 James Milner.

Let’s just say it, he looks better being me than I look being me! This is dead on and brilliant. He even keeps the tie loose at the collar. That’s the attention to detail we can all appreciate. Congrats James.

How can I not recognize a few “special” entries and there take on ME?

Allen Buchanan.

Linda Day Harrison.

Tim House.

Congrats to all and thank you so much for enlarging what I thought was impossible. My EGO!

BTW. The One and Only Original.

+1 For all you parents out there a hint. A bit of whiskey in your coffee to keep your toes warm on Halloween is always appropriate.

+1+1 Be safe people!