Am I A Commercial Real Estate Influencer Brand Advocate Or Neither ?

Am I A Commercial Real Estate Influencer Brand Advocate Or Neither?

Am I an Influencer?

Am I a Brand Advocate?

Or neither?

Most normal weeks I get several phone calls e-mails Dm’s etc. from all over the world which is great for me because I love to connect with anyone and everyone related to commercial real estate.

Generally they have a specific question or point of view that they want to make and also want my opinion about the same topic and of course I sure as hell give it to them. 99.9% of the time everyone is polite professional and genuine.

So the big question is why me? Why not someone else? What compels them to ask for my opinion?

It just has to be my blog right? It’s up 24/7/365 and oozing with attitude. Well maybe.

In my opinion a large blog readership creates an audience and just that but not necessarily influence.

More to the point is that I like to think that I help to drive action and awareness for commercial real estate not just eyeballs.


To me anyone that is trying to Influence a certain group or following is doing it for selfish reasons and none other.

They are perceived as not trustworthy a demi-celebrity or blogger who has a certain audience and has only as a goal to grow the audience. Also they will jump on the soapbox only while it suits them and has little passion for the subject the are expounding upon. Especially if they are getting paid!

Commercial Real Estate Brand Advocate?

There are some people out there in commercial real estate who truly have a passion for their brand. The are loyal professional and are at all times willing to help push their brand forward.

Do they care about how many people follow them on Twitter or what their Klout score is? Uh NO!

Is it all about Likes Shares Loves Hates or Buffers? UH NO!

Does being on one of my lists make them tingle with excitement? Uh I sure hope not!


Simply put I have a true passion for commercial real estate.

I am not in this for the amount of Twitter followers ( Ashton Kutcher has 13 million Twitter followers and I could give a shit what he thinks about anything) or a  Klout Score (pretty sure I deleted my account.)

You can Like Love Hate Share or Buffer me all you want. If you feel the need and thanks ahead of time.

As a little side. Find someplace where I blatantly endorsed a product or service for $$$$. ( If somebody wants to drop 50k for my endorsement ping me!) 🙂 Does that buy a true passionate authentic endorsement? Would the amount of money I would get paid Influence  my endorsement? Answer that question for yourself.

I think if I have any perceived influence or advocacy at all it’s because I push the vibe or pulse of commercial real estate. An oblivious example is my screaming and yelling for Disruption in commercial real estate technology. Has anybody looked at BIM lately?

With all of this perceived influence or advocacy do I have some specific goal in mind? Not really.

Then why waste any time doing anything at all?

So you need to ask yourself are you  or I  a…….



Or neither.

Comments opinions and points of view are always welcomed and appreciated.


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