About Duke Long

Hello, I am Duke Long. 

I am the creator and author of this website. 

Want to hear my real raw and unedited voice? It’s called a podcast!

I’ve Been Called The Most Quotable Person In Commercial Real Estate. And For 2017 I Sure As Fuck Kept The Crown!

I’m known for not having much of a filter if any at all and I hold the record for most F-bombs in one article.

Here is just a small sample from this last year alone. My Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2017 Plus 5 You May Have Missed.

I have been named one of  The Top 5 Most Influential Real Estate Tech People…Of All Time! I’m the pretty one.

I call the man out anytime anywhere anyplace…..and they like it!

I also call out the tech boys and they don’t like it at all.

I’m on all kinds of Top this and Top that lists for commercial real estate. 

You might want to hide this one from the kids  Breaking Records And Taking F*cking Names. Caution: This Is Explicit Language. Hide The Kittens. (Especially proud of this one. It’s me all me and only me. The f-bomb record still intact.)

I create lists that people want to pay to be on and email me hate when they don’t make them.

I’m not afraid to use not so subtle means to get my point across. I hope my mom doesn’t see this one.

When people want to get into commercial real estate I’m one of the first people they find. That might not be a good thing.

I travel all over for commercial real estate and technology and get to meet the most AMAZING people.

More fuel for the fire, my favorite personal quote from 2017:

“How about this from me a few months back. “Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign! Just off that headline alone, I have 200 Trump supporters wanting to hold my dick.”

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