A Young Broker Needs Your Advice. Can You help?

A Young Broker Needs Your Advice. Can You help?

Emails Phone Calls Dm’s and Conversations.

I mention it often.

The email the phone calls the messages.

It happens almost everyday.

Someone somewhere asking for just a little bit of #CRE help.

So today I turn it around just slightly and ask YOU for some help.

I posted up Old School vs. New School. A 2013 Commercial Real Estate Real World Conversation. and received an email from a young smart aggressive productive broker. With his permission it follows.


 I have been reading your posts for nearly a year now, but your most recent post on Old School vs. New School really hit home and moved me to contact you.

I am an agent in my early twenties, finishing up my first year working my market, and working within a highly successful, yet highly old school organization.  The company’s core culture and teachings are centered around being out of the office making face to face cold calls for 6-7 hours each day.

I am in no way trying to discredit their methods as they clearly have served the organization well since its founding (and have helped me find success in my first year), but I am in a constant battle between trying to be innovative/adaptive and answering to the requirements laid down by my superiors.

 If you have a couple of minutes when you might be able to hop on a call with me, I would greatly appreciate getting to discuss one on one your thoughts on how I could make best of my situation.  I know you aren’t a counselor, but a very busy broker yourself, so definitely no rush to fit me into your schedule.



I responded to the email with a day time and phone number so that we could connect and converse.

Here is where I (and he) need your help.

You have been in the trenches.

You have hit the street. Hell you invented shoe leather and door knocking but……

It’s 2013 and here in front of you stands one of those can’t miss young guns.

You can see the effort.  You can see the skill set. You can see the results already.

You can see just maybe that little bit of the young you staring right back.

A Young Broker Needs Your Advice. Can You Help?

Duke Long