A Visual and Verbal Diary From #CRETech Week New York.

A Visual and Verbal Diary From #CRETech Week New York.

How Much Can I Really Tell?

You want it all right? Why hold back?

What happens at these events? Who are the players?

Is there an actual #CRETech scene? What will happen next and why should I pay attention or even care?

In the air somewhere over Manhattan and it never gets old. The view. The view of one of the greatest cities on this earth New York City. Touching down at LaGuardia I catch a uber into the city and check in at my hotel just in time to drop my bags and head out to dinner in Chelsea.


I have the Dos Enchiladas and a couple of cold beverages. The conversation is general #CRETech but an idea starts to form. More on that later. I head back to the hotel to get ready for the next day.

I wake up and head a few blocks over to the offices of Reonomy.

I am greeted warmly and by many smiling faces. Richard and Charlie have built an incredible team, and the have a sense of humor because as soon as the hand shakes are done they point me to this hanging on their wall.


Serious tech demos fantastic networking amazing pizza and adult beverages. After the event, Aaron Block the founder of MetaProp NYC and I escorted a Cub fan to a sports bar to watch his misery in person. (Aaron and I are HUGE White Sox fans which made it even sweeter.) Bleary eyed I make it back to my hotel for a few hours sleep and wake up early to catch up on some emails and work. I am anticipating a major #CRETech event in the afternoon presented by the Urban Land Institue (ULI). It’s an invite-only event created specifically to talk #CRETech. I need to give a shout out to Brandon Sedloff of ULI. This is his baby. I make my way uptown to the office of DLA Piper the hosts of the event. Traffic was light, and I am early, so I hang out and grab some water. People trickle in, and the room fills up.

NOW! NOW! Let me state something. My jaw dropped when I saw the people in the room. NEVER! NEVER! have I seen that many #CRETech POWER BROKERS in one room EVER. Blackstone, Vornado, VTS, Hightower, Floored, Real Massive, ReThink, Building Engines, AirBnB, Boston Properties, Blackrock, CBRE, Create.io, DMGI, CrowdStreet, Kushner Companies, LiquidSpace, RealConnex, Tusk Ventures, Zillow and on and on.



Brandon, God bless his soul, sees what’s happening and is taking ULI and leading the way. They have a chance to help all of #CRE, and it looks like they are just the one’s to pull it off. That thing I mentioned at the beginning….it’s starting to become clearer.


BTW the guy front left is Joe from Realconnex. Native New Yorker foodie wine and beverage connoisseur and my go-to guy for all things NYC.

Bleary eyed again I make it back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep in anticipation of the huge day ahead.

I wake up early and head uptown to the offices of ICSC for a #CRETech breakfast hosted by my girl Sarah Malcolm or as she is known to most #SuperMom.

The event lasted until nine p.m. my voice almost did not. The after party was just a couple of blocks away. More quality networking. Way more quality networking.


We shut the bar down and decided to cap the night off.

I made it back to my hotel in time to shower and head to the airport.

What a week what an amazing group of people and it’s just getting started.

A Visual and Verbal Diary From #CRETech Week New York.


+1 That thing I promised to tell you….too early to let it out yet but it is World Shattering….hang in there.

+1+1 Whiskey Cigars and Russian………..


Duke Long

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