A Special Thanksgiving Message To Inspire Us All.

This is an article authored by my good friend Jim Baker of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Legend is thrown around more than it should be but in this case in the state that I’m from and the business of commercial real estate Jim is just that. He wrote this a couple of years ago but it still resonates and inspires today. Please pass this along to anyone you think might be pondering their future going into the new year. 

Do you love #CRE? If yes, what are you waiting for?

I recently listened to an old speech given by Steve Jobs where he said this: “…sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick…don’t lose faith…. you’ve got to find what you love….if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle.”

About 13 years ago, my wife, Kim Baker, CCIM, GRI, and I decided to leave a primarily residential company to start our own commercial only company, Baker Commercial Group (now called Baker Commercial Real Estate because we were constantly asked what we did when we met somebody new and told them the name of our company).

Looking back that was not only a great decision but should have happened sooner.

The reason it didn’t happen sooner was primarily due to me and my fears.

I was stuck emotionally to something I had been doing for over 25 years (selling houses) and was afraid to cut the cord and make the move even though I had become a CCIM almost 13 years before.

Our market is a submarket of the Louisville, Kentucky MSA and contains a population of about 200,000 (the total Louisville MSA is 1.3 million).

We have been blessed to have made it through some very tough times since opening our company.

Our success and the reason we are still here is a result of our persistence and of our clients and customers putting their faith and trust in us.

At a recent meeting of #CRE brokers, I heard from a lady who is moving to a larger town from a small town so that she can make it in this business.

She’s making the right move!

I also talked to a broker who has been with a primarily residential company for several years who is thinking of doing what we did 13 years ago.

My advice to him was to do it now and to not wait any longer!

So what are you waiting on?

If you love this business, then get on with it.

Thanksgiving is not only a time count our blessings, but also a great time to start thinking about the new year and the changes we need to make.

Remember what Steve Jobs said: “keep looking, don’t settle.”

Jim Baker, SIOR, CCIM, GRI

Baker Commercial Real Estate

Jeffersonville, Indiana

Duke Long

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