A Scorching Summer Rant, Feel The Burn.

It is indeed the dog days of summer, so I thought I would just let my brain free flow as I imagine you sitting somewhere under a sun-drenched umbrella at a beach, favorite book or device planted in front of your face soaking it all in. This is not so much of a rant as it is an observational summary. Hopefully, it will stimulate your #CRE brain before the _______ adult beverage kicks in and you forget to put on more sunscreen.


– I just looked back through my Top 25 under the radar companies to watch lists and I must admit, most of those companies are doing pretty well and look to be strong contenders to make money for their investors. Will some of them fail? Of course, but my percentage of picking the ones that will is looking spectacular.

– Next years list will undoubtedly be more global if it has not been already. Hint: underlooked area of the world with great companies…The Nordics, go take a look for yourself. Oh, and watch out for the Asia Pacific area, here they come!

– I’ve spent a lot of time this year writing about sales, scale and market share. There still seems to be a bunch of media talking about the uses of…AI, tech stacks, space as a service, funding and on and on and that’s just fine, who’s selling and making money? That’s all I care about, the rest will take care of itself.

– Twitter is still my main source of #CRE content and news, the conversations are the best and most educational. WhatsApp is gaining but it’s still defined by a huge groupthink and that kind of turns me off. And if you have a differing opinion on WhatsApp lookout, the haters are on your ass in seconds, with all kinds of links to back up THEIR view. Linkedin is still quality #CRE stuff and Instagram is…(Yawn)…just pictures of… buildings. Mostly because that’s all I post!

– I’ve been asked more than a few times what would I do if I were to open a brand spanking new brokerage today. My answer: Own the entire value chain of the transaction from start to finish. It’s that simple. BTW The DarkStar is acquiring their way to doing just that. Makes you feel all safe and fuzzy does it not? Here they come, wait until they sue you for touching just about anything involving a transaction. You read it here first. 

– Almost everyone I deal with every day is GenX. “Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe define Generation X as those born between 1961 and 1981. They argue that those born between 1961 and 1964 are part of Generation X rather than the Baby Boomers because they are distinct from the Boomers in terms of cultural identity and shared historical experiences” That’s 58-38 years old. It’s been said a thousand times, “it’s the boomers and millennials that are…” Not in my world, they don’t. This is not some kind of stated bias it just stating a fact. Welcome to my #CRE world.

– The main conference season is just about upon us all. I will be trotting about the globe in the next few months and will have the pleasure of meeting some spectacular people. And that’s all I can say, because how dare I be critical of anyone shaking down an entire industry to fill their pockets by putting on a conference. Oh, sorry you aren’t making any money doing conferences, then get the fuck out. I’ve been “building the tribe” forever.

-Remember this when you hit that pay button and register next time, you are going to get the value from any conference the way YOU want to get the value, it won’t be dictated by anyone else other than yourself. You vote with your checkbook and that’s more powerful than anything I can throw out there. How’s this for a visual, if I’m not on my knees leaning forward… then I’m not…! Yea, between you and I fuck them all, they can’t do it without us and they sure as fuck can’t pick who they want to show up. You do you, I got your back!

ww.club75.com is not my kingdom unless of course, you want to make it that and if so well, ok then.

 – Put this Tweet out recently “Floating this idea out there, I write an uncut uncensored and behinds the scenes tell-all book about all things #CRE #Property and #Tech. What do you think?” And wow, did I get plenty of reaction. People just love the down and dirty and or they just want to see what the hell really goes on and how much trouble I may be willing to get into. That’s never stopped me before. 

– There has been a fair bit of M&A activity with all things Prop and Tech. It may not look like it from your perspective but it’s happening all the time. If I were a startup and I had not made connections or possible partnership inquiries from the very beginning it might be a little too late. Or maybe not, but is it not your job to get your investors a return on their money? Or is it to be a stubborn ass and get hammered in the marketplace until you run out of money? Your call.

– New York in August is fantastic, you can get a table, you can walk down the sidewalk, (move the fuck over to the side if you have your face in your phone) you can cross the street and you can get run over in Central Park, it’s summer in the city. Oh, and it’s a two shirt a day minimum. Dry cleaners must be making a killing. Blackout, what blackout?

– Out to dinner recently with some great people and someone ordered Goats Neck. It looked like prime rib, I said it looked like, I did not taste it. We then ventured to another restaurant that offered one wine selection and one beer selection. That’s old school, New York, pick one or the other. 

– Just in case you think I am mellowing after all these years…Commercial Real Estate Rant. Caution: Bad Language Bad Grammar Lots Of Attitude. A Collection of Rants Personal And Professional Aimed Right At Your Ass?? I Rant Because I Can. I Rant Because I Want To. I Rant Because That’s What YOU Want!

-Shout out to the PGA for making a boring sport even more boring by showing how slow a professional golfer actually is and making sure you focus on them walking around with a paper book in their hands talking about a 120 yard shot for five minutes. Pure Brilliance.

-I have a suggestion, a shot clock. 1 minute from when the other players ball lands. Have someone walk out in front, just to the side, of the next player’s ball and set a shot clock down with one minute and hit start. If the ball is not in the air before the clock runs out it’s a one-shot penalty. The entire NBA gets 30 seconds and they seem to be doing just fine. Sounds ridiculous, or the way it should have been forever. You have kids filling arenas to watch people play video games because of…action. They sure as hell won’t watch an icecream colored dude stare at a book, and I don’t blame them. How about this, 30 seconds to putt. That’s it. For millions of dollars just 30 seconds to make it or not, now that’s drama. I’m glued to that. Always available to consult for ProV’s.

And he misses the putt!


+1 See you somewhere soon.

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