A few tips to help you find your commercial real estate mentor.

A few tips to help you find your commercial real estate mentor.

As I am out and about I get the chance to meet and greet some amazing people. You may have noticed that I sometimes start my posts with “I had a conversation with……..” because this is where I get the inspiration for many of my posts. So this one will be no different.The conversation starts and the question gets asked “where can I find a good ,can you connect me to,I know it’s important but it’s hard to find….. a REAL Mentor” My first response is “yea you are so right.”

Sure fire no miss tips….or not!

Let’s get this straight right from the start. I am not a professional mentor, coach, big kahuna or savant. What? Shocking I know!

I do have a few things that I have learned/experienced over the years and although they may seem basic they need repeating.

-Find your niche and define your geographic area. Example: Retail in Miami.

-Who is the killer firm in that niche and area. Research the firm and their competitors to death. It’s called the internet and phone.

-Find the number one person in the niche at the killer firm and……you guessed it get Face to Face.

-If you are not smart enough to figure out what questions to ask you may want to seek another career path.

-Know the market literally when you are asleep. This is very important. If you want someone to mentor you market knowledge is the only thing that will matter. Everything else will be a hell of a lot easier after that.

-If you are already at a firm and looking for a mentor the standard call is to go to HR and see if they have someone in mind. I have two friends who did this and it was to quote “a fucking disaster.” Why? Simple personalities and style of business never fit. You need to find the fit.

-Some of the best mentoring situations I have seen have com from people who were not in the same business. You say “Huh?” Think about it. Find someone who can help you find a user. It’s basic users need to buy sell or lease. You find one you have a deal. How much help do you think you will get then?

Random thoughts.

Boomers are squatting in the business and not only don’t want to mentor they want to keep the young guns away so they can feed the wife kids and mistresses.

Maybe we need peer to peer mentoring and let’s get rid of the old geezers….some of which show up on SM panels without a fucking clue.Quit emailing me questions about SM and then loading the answers into your presentation>>> that you use on the panel. Sorry a little too random it’s the ADD.

PLEASE PLEASE Please do not email me a link to a fucking LIFE COACH. They are the people who got nailed from their last company and don’t have a fucking job! Do I need a life coach?NO I have a fucking LIFE!

LinkedIN as a source for mentors??? Hmmmm.

Can a mentor have fun with you or is it just a email to connnect thru the vast network of the mentor to the next person you want to step on your way up the fast track…yea again it’s so much different these days compared to the old geezers you despise..

Aggressive is good no it is great …but there is no super special secret. Oh and you ask me for a push forward…shit I know everybody right….wait why would I connect you…this new SM/connectivity is really “sparkly magic.”

Wait wait wait I have a brilliant idea….yes actually do something of value for the person that you want to have mentor you. WOW I have to lay down and rest after that one.

Don’t respond defensively and not appreciate the critical feedback…actually listen! Wow I have to lay down again.

Let’s start a count for the links sent to me with the association “mentor program attached.”

Need a little help!

Well the rules or techniques needed to get a good or great mentor are……Hey there are no rules or techniques.

This is a serious issue within our industry…….especially for the young guns on their ways up.

I have laid out just a few samples.

Now it’s your turn!

Post up, Link to, Blatantly pimp you and your companies stuff and send me your best tips techniques and examples.

Let’s see what’s really out there.


Duke Long


  • While plenty of agents from any generation are not likely to want to mentor, I’ve seen too many younger agents think mentoring means “hand holding.” You have to be a self-starter – ask questions for sure, but intelligent ones that show you have a clue. And don’t wait for a list of what to do – make a plan, show it to the mentor and ask for comments – and then DO IT. Just as an aside, the most successful younger agents I’ve seen aren’t SM savvy at all – they’re out in their market making connections…and deals.

  • I think this is so important, not just in Real Estate but in any career. But I agree with the comments from Chris, so many young agents want a step by step, hand holding journey to “baller” status. You have to put in the work too. As I’m still under 30 (for one more year) I’ll consider myself a young gun, it’s been a challenge to find a mentor.

    I’ve been in the business for six years and have STILL to find a go to mentor. I’ve taken small pieces here and there from my peers and put it together, but not one person. The best tips I have gotten have been from being out and about doing deals with the players in the market and becoming friends. Since I love to eat, I end up having lunch once a month with the pro’s in my area. It has been THE best way to hear their stories, learn from their mistakes and try to learn from their failures and successes.