A Collection of Rants Personal And Professional Aimed Right At Your Ass???

First off, damn you Riggs!

Don’t worry he knows what’s up and is smiling ear to ear right this very second.

Instagram has unreal engagement and I don’t know why, as a side I know I’m doing Instagram wrong because there are zero pics of my face and none of my ass or…… so yes I’m doing it wrong, might want to thank god or whatever deity you want for that. For curiosity and research (wink) I clicked on a pic of a fairly attractive female in a robe with a towel on her head eating spaghetti. It had 9,392 likes and 162 comments. That’s all I need to say. Doubt me? Here ya go.

I was asked if I just Googled my Top 25 Under The Radar companies and put them on a list? Fucking Seriously? Do I need to Google shit that is #CRE and #Tech? Where was the fucking list before I created it? Inbound! Inbound? Inbound.  Nowhere, that’s where. I am the fucking list.

Again, most underrated tech is construction tech. Pay attention, quit looking at CoinBase GDAX or Kraken. I will wait while you Google all three. Are you back? Ok, good. Now, that coin speculation shit’s for……….the weak. Word is the construction sector will see exponential growth until at least 2030. Now that’s a trend and sector worth riding. Can you say Built Environment?

A quick hint into the future? Apps for building owners for every human in a building. Yea, I called it. Wait, maybe if I just Google it because that’s how…….

I went to a crypto/ico/event thing. Man were there some old white-haired MF’ers (if you don’t spell out mother fucker it’s not as offensive) there just begging and hanging on for dear life like this crypto thing is their last chance ever? Kind of sad in a way. I have a small hint for them, buy real estate, Give it to your grandkids. Now there is a solid investment strategy. Get rich quick my ass.

Along the same line, adding blockchain to anything remotely real estate related and pitching it like you have something built is borderline criminal.

Do you want the 100% inside scoop on what #Blockchain will do for #CRE? Ok, here it is. #Quantum and #Time. In other words, Speed and the shrinking of time. There put that in your white paper and send me a check for using it….in USD! Wait, another piece to think about. Math. Yes, math, apply that to Blockchain and #CRE. Wow, how innovative does Blockchain sound now?

I have answered many emails and taken many calls in the past few weeks and not charged a fucking penny to do so. #justsayin

To the assholes who take offense to certain uses of language, I say fuck you and only because you send me emails taking shots at my mom. Seriously, that’s a professional thing to do? Go after my mother. Now that’s having standards! I did save them, BTW, and should post them up or maybe not. I’m not worried about lawyers, I just have professional standards.

Living in New York rant: Can the fucking trains just show up once in a while. In Japan, a train was 20 seconds, yes, 20 seconds late and the train authority issued a public apology, and I’m guessing someone lost their job too. In New York, it’s just pot luck. Hell, it’s New York we will get there when we’re damn good and ready. Hell, better yet just don’t even ride, we could care less. Yes, I’m sure people who work the trains want to be good at their job. It’s 2018 in one of the major cities of the world. You would think. How about this? If this were any other country in the world they would call it a………….yes you know where I’m going………..ShitHole! I could not pass that one up! How many people will unsubscribe because they think that’s some sort of political statement? Not enough, that’s how many!

Get asked and then asked some more “how many hits, how many views?” I answer that same as always, “pick a number between 1 and a million and whatever makes you happy, that’s the number.” Think about it, that’s some deep shit right there. One other thing to take into consideration, I’m not doing a PR move with the numbers. There is NO hype so therefore there is NO hype!

What’s the number to silence a voice? Do you have one? I don’t and never will. Don’t like what I say? Don’t click, it’s your choice, not mine. Empower yourself. Ironic don’t you think?

How about this one to piss EVERYONE off. It’s that 30 under 30 40 under 40 thing. Yea, yea, I know it’s trying to promote the up and comers, hell I was on one myself BUT does it not just flat out smack of ageism? That’s Ok to do today in 2018? Aren’t we all supposed to be all the same and fair and equal and all of that shit regardless? Where is the 50 under 50 or the 60 under 60? Does that not exist because it would just be a bunch of old white guys? Hell, they don’t need the PR I guess. I bet they are the ones writing the checks for the advertising in the publications that are doing the lists. #justsaying.

There seems to be somewhat of a resurgence of #CRE on Twitter, something of a new wave of engagement and interaction. Which is great, power to them, it’s their Twitter and their #CRE so I say go for it and who needs my permission anyway? One little caveat, don’t be offended if some of us “seasoned” #CRE Twitter people don’t join in too much. We have indeed been there and done that already ten times over. I do find the use of first person possessives like we and our kind of strange. Maybe that’s just me thinking about semantics?

There has been recently a wave of announcements from major companies be they brokerages or just real estate in general about acquisitions or and partnerships. A lot has been said that it’s about time or it’s finally happening or it’s a sign of….well my take is that it’s just a continuation of the cycle that is business. This kind of stuff happens all the time in all industries. We as in #CRE are no different. BUT…

Where is the BIG Play? Not the big bets (as in VC type bets) but the BIG PLAY? I’m talking BILLIONS with BILLIONS behind that? Well, it’s coming. How do I know? I just do. Let me let you in on a little secret. It’s not going to look like what you think it should look like at first. And that is a GOOD thing. Here is a simple thesis, help all the practitioners of real estate, do just that. HELP THEM. Seems simple does it not? It is just that simple and then back it up with BILLIONS. Stay Tuned!

Blockchain…….blockchain…..block…….chain… and POOF! Yea, hear that? Silence and that other sound you hear is the IRS staring at everyone’s bank account and Lambos parked and or getting towed. What’s the market cap again? Screaming like hell when the market was WAY up. Taking over the world, creating entirely new ecosystems and….trying to own all the shit just like all the generations before them. And now what, hate, whining, bitching, more whining and looking for what, USD that’s what, good old FIAT currency. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Buy Real Estate. Remember the asshole who said that Bitcoin would eliminate the need to ever buy real estate? I hope he gets kicked out of his dad’s basement.

Ironically when you piss off the blockchain and Bitcoin people enough all they can say is that “you are old.” That’s their last comeback. Like being old is a bad thing. Being young and stupid and acting like a spoiled fuckin two-year-old toddler is not exactly endearing either. Did I mention us old people have all the money and buildings? Might want to look into that just in case you are trying to do what? Make money and own all the shit? This is me waving….”Hi.”

There is a new Slack Channel for #CRE called https://creconnect.slack.com it was started by Tim Milazzo CEO of Stacksource  It’s a cool insider type slack channel with various #CRE and #TECH topics. Tim does a great job of keeping it real. I would call it the Franco channel because it’s Franco being on the channel being Franco but hey, Franco gets NO free PR from me…evah!

Heading to Europe this summer specifically London and Paris, and I can’t wait. Word is that we as in The Americans are great at ideas and the Europeans are great at implementation and execution. Hmm, who knows if that is an actual fact. Find me and say “hi” and tell me what you think. Also, do me a favor and make sure I come back from Paris, I LOVE PARIS! Yes, I love London too but it’s not PARIS! The wine the food the city and then the wine and the food and then the wine and of course the wine!

A very personal and heartfelt please needs to go out to my putter. In other words PLEASE be on this year. It’s the strength of my game.  How sad is it that I am talking and writing to and about my putter? You decide.

The Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast keeps cranking right along. Many guests recorded and many more lined up. If you are in PR I understand it’s your job to pitch your CEO. Just ask nicely and make the topic anything but a PITCH. That’s how to do it. I do not need a dissertation and don’t try and steer the topics. Helping not steering, there is a fine line.

Back to Twitter for a second. I think it was Coy Davidson who said (me paraphrasing here) that now Twitter is just everyone in #CRE sharing the same stuff to the same people. Hmmm. Then in my mind, original thoughts and content have got to be what? GOLD!

Which brings me to Facebook. Uh, no opinion because I’m NEVER on there and not just saying that because it’s now “important” to not give away your personal data. Hell, I had that figured out years ago. I did read somewhere that Facebook is going to hire 20,000 people just to filter news. To put that into perspective there are less than 30,000 paid journalist in the US. What’s my phrase again, top down bottom up? Not in this case. One guy gets rich as hell off of your free data. Sounds kind of familiar does it not #CRE? #DarkStar. Why would you want to delete certain messages/data again? Oh, to save your own ass. As in fuck everybody else.

Well, these rant type posts are becoming fewer and farther between these days. Hey, I’m a busy boy. Living The Dream in NYC and all of that. I’ve been asked time and time again where do I keep coming up with things to write about. Let me give you a bit of perspective. I am generally familiar with the mainstream media as I am sure you are. As they are want to do they keep us all abreast of culture and more specifically pop culture. One of those quality pieces was an article of 4000 + words written about how Kylie Minogue (the Austrailian Pop Star) is going somewhat country. And a fine well-written piece it was. You just read less than 2000 ranting words about Global Commercial Real Estate. So, as I have always said the possibilities are indeed endless.


+1 From day one… “be willing to take the hits if you want to stand up on the soapbox.”











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