8 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Needs To Get Serious About Video!

8 Reasons Commercial Real Estate Needs to Take Video Seriously!

Video. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is watching it. Everyone is doing it except commercial real estate. Take a look around and search. Go ahead, not to much to look at is there? Why not? It has been trumpeted as THE killer marketing tactic. YouTube is the number two search engine behind Google. For the stat and graph geeks take a look at the Cisco Visual Networking Index: Usage Study and just drool! Where is commercial real estate?  Maybe you need a little push and some data or reasons to buy some powder make-up and a green screen. Here are 8 good reasons to start.

1. Video attracts new and relevant search traffic:

How do we not start off with the big SEO. You clients and customers need to find you and your buildings. Yes,I said buildings. What do you think the client really wants to look for? I guarantee the first thing they will search for will be a specific state,county,area,neighborhood and OH yes a building. Think of a     simple YouTube or Google search. Do one yourself. What if that building came up first. In video. Google is structuring it’s search engine results to reward sites and search that have video. Any video in an index of searchable keywords has a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results that any given text page.

2.Video assets can be easily syndicated:

Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs. We now spend more time in front of computers or mobile devices than we do the television. Get in front of those eyeballs basically for little or no cost at all. YouTube, Vimeo, Blinkx, TubeMogul or go mobile.

3.Videos encourage sharing:

Videos are far more likely to be shared than text based pages. A video thumbnail is more likely to be clicked and watched on a social media platform for example. As a side I put up a little clip of my motorcycle and Wow, the clicks. Hey, that gives me an idea for an experiment. Stay tuned. I have conducted interviews and everyone promoted and shared the clips like crazy. Good for them and not so bad for my site views and SEO either. Think it’s too far out there? Just ask Jones Lang LaSalle. They interview clients at many events. How many shares and goodwill do you think they get? Shout out to Paige and her crew. Cutting edge and kicking ass!

4.Video engages site visitors:

Video provides a familiar user interface for site visitors. When videos are properly produced, they captivate the user. Instead of the need to navigate, scroll and click to access information, the video is a one-stop shop for information. It takes less energy than the hassle of reading and the user is engaged until he or she is ready to follow an embedded call-to-action. Call to action? There is that marketing of commercial real estate again.

5.Videos drive lead conversions:

Video can give clients an in-depth view of a  building or your service and point of view. The peace of mind the client gains from the video seeps into the way he or she feels about your brand and website overall, building trust and credibility. They have seen you, your brand and your buildings. The next step is the call. They come to you.

6.Video increases customer loyalty:

Videos are more likely to attract client attention. Think of your competition. How are they grabbing the attention of your potential clients? Are they spam blasting email listing and corporate pr news. Personalize your video content. Help create the client/customer relationship.Video communications can be personalized for each recipient with individualized greetings, references to previously completed deals, or offers based on, geography,building type, demographics and location. Create the loyalty.

7.Video production costs are falling ROI is rising:

Online video clearly has an impact on competitive advantage. But is it feasible for commercial real estate? Two decades ago, the market struggled to replace the labor-intensive process of website management. Today we hardly think about the steps required to update or add web content. Images and text are now template-based, database-driven and easy to manipulate.Video production is experiencing a similar change.

There are very high end production companies and of course there are many companies that are looking to simply produce more video content. It’s what they do for a living. Search and compare your local video production companies. Negotiate (we do that for a living) a deal for 10 or 20 videos in bulk. You may be surprise at the low cost. Can you take on the task yourself? Only you can answer that question.

8. Video Content:

Just want to show the corporate logo and the retail or industrial front with a voice over? Love to see your own face sitting in crisp suit and tie at the conference table? Take a chance open your mind and think about the client/viewer first. I have a few ideas. I am sure you can come up with many more. The possibilities are endless.

Video and commercial real estate. Time to take it seriously! Thoughts and comments are always welcome!



Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ajgelado/

Duke Long


  • Video is already widely used in Real Estate. Some are quick tours of a property, but most are intro’s to a company, product or service, the same as in any other industry. And while I agree with all of the potential, the fact is that Video’s are actually counter-intuitive to the new Web 2.0 ideal. Videos are strictly one-way, outbound marketing, no matter how glitzy, and real estate is very much a two-way, inbound marketing industry. So I believe the industry is very serious and already engaged in video. But until the market demand and engagement can be reconciled with conversion, I would use is carefully and sparingly, as most in the industry have been doing.

  • You’re right Duke. The average age of a CREOpoint member is 48 years old so we are talking more TV generation rather than generation “Y not”! When we started to add curated or our own “Best of” videos to CREOpoint.com a couple years ago (we now have over 700 posted on http://www.creopoint.com/video/video), the time spent on our site doubled. Thanks for posting your videos on CREOpoint by the way, they are being noticed, and increasingly so! Although so far overall adoption has been lagging in in CRE but it’s growing also thanks to SmartPhones, iPads and new apps. In the meantime we see poor optimization of content for search, video, social and mobile. Eventually video will be everywhere and will shape peoples’ perception about companies and about each other.

  • Hey, I totally agree with you that video really engages the site visitors. And this one is surely able to get new and relevant search traffic. And I am really impressed to know about these 8 reasons. These are really looking one of essential and useful information. And this one is truly looking with full of elegance. Thanks for sharing some powerful information about it. It’s really mind blowing.