6 Steps To Building A Relationship With Me And Why It’s Important.

6 Steps To Building A Relationship With Me And Why It’s Important.

Time and Attention.

We all only have so much that we can give.

We all spend the most time and attention on those that are most important to us.

We also prioritise that time and attention in our daily business lives because that’s what makes us $$$.

It has been said time and time again that CRE is a relationship business and I could not agree more.

Because of my background as a broker, I think I may take that for granted sometimes. It’s just what brokers do.

I have noticed something interesting in the tech world. I don’t see too much relationship building going on.

I see a hell of a lot of “I will connect up and use you when I need you and then forget you” going on.

Maybe it’s my broker eyes. Maybe it’s my natural cynicism. Maybe it’s just the truth.

I look at tech and #CRETech specifically as a long, long term thing.

I am building relationships now that will be far reaching and last way beyond any talk of a bubble or cycle.

#CRE and #CRETech is just now in it’s very beginning stages.

What are the 6 Steps To Building A Relationship With Me And Why It’s Important?

1. Always Pitch.

It’s not that important where you are in the development of your company. Idea stage, proof of concept stage, market validation stage and on and on. I need to know where you are NOW. Now as in Now. So pitch me and let me know where you are. I might be able to help you TODAY. I may not be able to do anything until way later but how am I suppose to do anything if you are not pitching?

2. Do More Than Anyone Expects.

Show me you are a doer. Get customers, generate revenue, put together deals, hire key people. That’s called execution. If you are not doing that, you are failing. Oh, and here’s a big hint. TELL ME what you are doing. Keep me updated. Show me progress.

{Side Rant}

How many fucking times do I say to all kinds of tech people “keep me updated” and they say “yeah sure” and then fucking silence. One of the best company builders I know never fails to send me and incredibly detailed email about his company. Oh, and guess what? He’s a former big hitter #CRE broker. Hmm makes you wonder.

{Side Rant}

One of the most funded companies in #CRETech biggest investors called me three times just to get background and intel…before they wrote the check. How much info about the company do you think I got from the CEO over that past few years. I knew him when there were three people in the company. They now have over 100ish.

3. Stay In Front Of My Eyes.

Is just an email enough? I don’t think so. It better be much more than that. What are your customers seeing? I probably see the same thing or lack thereof. Big mistake. Yes, I know that is for sales and marketing. But it’s your job too. If it’s conferences Twitter, company blog or even dare I say it a personal phone call (remember those) stay in front of my eyes. Yes, sending me booze always helps but it’s got be so much more.

4. Help Me.

I’m just like anyone else. I need intros resources phone numbers and a connect here and there. Know someone amazing thinking about starting up a company? Let me know who it is. I always can find some time. Maybe you have an idea from a meeting you were in. Run it by me. It happens all the time. That’s how things start. Help me. I will then help you.

5. Face to Face.

Have we already met and if we have not why not? I am on the road and plan on being on the road a lot more this next year. Let’s get together. Show me some balls and initiate the meeting. Take 30 minutes of my time and WOW me. Look at it as the progression of your other contacts with me. It will be hard to forget you or your company after that.

6. Do It All Over Again.

You are going to raise money. You will need to connect to the CIO of X. Who has the best possible product that fits seamlessly with yours and why have you not connected before? Who has the best list of brokers in every market in all of the US? Where is the link to the 750 #CRE/RE Tech companies on one list? Have you tried Angels Envy yet? It’s called relationship building. You are going to need to come back to the well again and again.

6 Steps To Building A Relationship With Me And Why It’s Important.


+1 To all the people who compare me to Howard Stern, two things.

  1. Fuck Off.
  2. You only wish you could cash the checks he does.







Duke Long


  • Great post Duke. As someone just making it out of a serious health condition that basically took me out of the social relationship / networking game for the last several months, this is a great article I can use to help me get back into action. Love how you apply theory with executable ideas; keep the great posts coming!

  • This one post will advance the cause of somebody’s start-up. Perhaps several. Put all critics together on one team and they probably won’t outscore that all year. I don’t recall ever seeing a blog post practically begging strangers to deluge the author with their own business queries and crises. Thank, Duke. This adds to my cause in a way you probably didn’t even intend.