5 Categories of Commercial Real Estate Mobile Apps

5 Categories of commercial real Estate Mobile Apps

As I travel about the country and meet with several people the conversation usually falls to some form of commercial real estate technology such as data the cloud mobile etc.Without fail I am asked about mobile apps. I posted Top 12 Mobile Apps for Commercial Real Estate in April of last year and it is still one of the most read posts on my blog.

It’s been a year and a lot has happened. I thought an update would be in order. Enter Dominic Zabriskie and www.cre-apps.com

Dominic has created a website just for review and aggregation of mobile applications for use in commercial real estate. God Bless you Dominic!

I encourage everyone to book mark the site and follow the updates on Twitter @CREAppReview

Since he and the contributors are doing such a fantastic job I hit Dominic up for a little knowledge and what follows is his response.

The Word!

I’ve found that there are probably under 25 pure-play commercial real estate apps, but there are dozens of general apps which, when used properly, have significant benefit to CRE industry participants.

In my mind, there are 5 areas where apps add immediate value to CRE day-in-and-day-out. These five areas are:

  1. Document Management – this could simply mean using DropBox instead of emailing the same PDF over and over. It could also be e-signing of various agreements, so the CRE industry can finally kick its unhealthy fax machine addiction. It could mean a full-on project management application which allows uses to collaborate on documents, like Box.com. Posts on Document Management:
  2. Mapping – this could be everything from Google Mapping utilities to Trade Area Analysis (demographics, competitor locations, etc), to 3-D marketing materials or Augmented Reality apps.
  3. Productivity Apps – These would include
  4. Visual/Photography – specifically 360 Virtual Tours – The residential industry has been using 360 virtual tours for years, but Andriod and iOS mobile devices have not made something that cost a lot, virtually free. There is no reason every vacant space shouldn’t have a 360 virtual tour. Greg Hoffmeister is ahead of the crowd when it comes to this: http://occipital.com/user/06ad-155507/greg-hoffmeister. Reviews of 360 pano apps are:
  5. “New Markets” – The last category is really what I would consider undefined “Blue Ocean” solutions. This is probably rarest, but still the most exciting category for many tech-junkies like myself.

I think the “best” apps really depends on a person’s specific role and/or situation, but these 5 categories are where I see the most opportunity for some major advancement for the CRE industry.

There it is.

Thank you Dominic and all who took the time and effort. I am looking forward to the comments links and responses.

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