31 Powerful Commercial Real Estate #PROTech Podcasts That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Podcast #101 Duke Long Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude. “Eat Me If You Wish.”

Podcast #102 Beyond Brokerage 2017.

Podcast # 103 Why We Are So Fucking Special.

Podcast #104 10 Reasons You Will Never Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker.

Podcast #105 Commercial Real Estate The Dirty Little Secret.

Podcast # 106 Loopnet Raises Its Prices and All You Can Do Is Bitch.

Podcast # 107. The mysterious missing Podcast #107.

Podcast # 108 “It’s All About Relationships In Commercial Real Estate.” That’s Bullshit!

Podcast #109 Michael Griffin CEO ClientLook. Unrivaled Commercial Real Estate CRM.

Podcast #110 10 Hacks for #CRE #TECH #Start Ups That Will Get Completely Ignored.

Podcast #111 The 15 BIG Questions You Must Answer About Commercial Real Estate And Your Data!

Podcast #112 I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Anymore.

Podcast # 113 10 Ways Old School Commercial Real Estate Is Still Kicking Your Ass.

Podcast #114 What Is The New Future Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Model? Hint: It Does Not Include A Broker.

Podcast #115 “Loopnet: Where Deals Go To Die.”

Podcast #116 Commercial Real Estate Broker Splits. Stealing From The Rich To Get Rich.

Podcast #117 Commercial Real Estate Is All Straight White Males and That May Never Change.

Podcast #118 You Are 50+ Commercial Real Estate Broker. This Is For Your Ears Only.

Podcast #119 What If You Lost The Only Two Advantages You Have As A Broker?

Podcast #120 #CRETech Is A Complete Failure. And Here Is Why.

Podcast #121 James Milner CCIM. Are You A Better Broker?

Podcast #122 Rob Sparke. The Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine Has Arrived!

Podcast #123 Brandon Sedloff Juniper Square. Delight Your Investors. Automate Your Back Office.

Podcast #124 Michael Griffin. Data, Integration, Automation, Xceligent and Co-Star.

Podcast #125 Darren Powderly Crowdstreet. Investor Relationship Management + Fundraising.

Podcast #126 Travis Barrington Founder CRE.TECH.

Podcast #127 Diane Danielson COO SVN.

Podcast #128 Michael Beckerman. Founder & CEO | The News Funnel | Official CRE // Tech.

Podcast #129 We All Know True Innovation Does NOT Exist In #CRE And You Are Doing Nothing About It.

Podcast #130 We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate As A Service World.

Podcast #131 How Tenant-Only Broker Representation Will Shape the Future of Real Estate.

How much fun is this?

So many amazing people.

So much more to come. 

I’m just starting to get these things fired up.

Think you have what it takes to broadcast out to the world with “The Godfather?”

Send me an email: dukelong@dukelong.com and maybe I will answer.

Oh, and if you think you are going to pitch just your company or product……I dare you to try!

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+1 What’s #PROTech? That’s what happens when you get my attention. You do have MY attention.

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