“3 Reasons A Landlord Might Shut Down Your Open Office Plan.” Oh Really!


“3 Reasons A Landlord Might Shut Down Your Open Office Plan.”

That is an actual headline from an article published sometime in the last couple of weeks.

It was sent to me from a close friend with their comments and opinions about the article.



I do of course have my own opinions and have certainly voiced them in several and sometimes controversial ways.

If there is anyone willing to take the hits for standing up and putting it all out there it is indeed me.

And so with that……..

“3 Reasons A Landlord Might Shut Down Your Open Office Plan.”

What does this say headline say? What does this say to me?

To me, this says that THE MAN is deciding when and if HE will shut YOU the fuck down!

Who in the fuck decides? THE LANDLORD. THE MAN.

And for doing what again?

Let’s break that down as we sit here today in 2017.

Land by definition: “the part of the earth’s surface that is not covered by water, as opposed to the sea or the air.”

Lord by definition: someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler. Act in a superior and domineering manner toward (someone).

So we all know what that means right, power and authority over the earth. Wow, if you put it that way it sounds awesome. I want that job. How about you?

Let me just separate one word out “Master ” by definition: a man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves. A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.

Wow, should I just what right now? Delete all of the previous definitions out of shame? How in the fuck does that kind of stuff get even remotely associated with commercial real estate?

Let me ask you this.  Should a subject like this even need to be addressed today? Am I just inciting what? You! Why?

Are you embarrassed, ashamed, do you just want me to just shut the fuck up?” A theme lately….”If you can’t say anything.”

Hey, don’t bust on me. I didn’t create the definitions.

Here, let’s lay that out again for you. LAND LORD! As in MASTER OF ALL LAND AND THE PEOPLE ON IT!

Wow, when you put it that way, now I don’t want that job. Not even maybe.

Do you think that was the intent of the article in the first place? I would assume not but who knows. I know how I took it.

LAND LORD. Say it out loud, LAND LORD.

Am I pushing this too far?

That’s the society we all want right, especially in 2017. We want THE MAN telling us not only when and where we work but how we should move our little cubicles, chairs, and desks. And I am not making this up. Also, THE AIR WE BREATHE. Hey, are you using too much air in your office? STOP THAT. It costs ME, THE LAND LORD penny’s. You do not cost THE LAND LORD penny’s not without The MASTERS authorization.

How dare you even attempt to circumvent the regulations put forth by the authority vested to the LAND LORD. Regulations biased toward whom might you ask? THE LAND LORD of course. Regulations based on what? The LAND LORDS pocket book.

Is it about money? It’s always about money. Space not used in the way the LAND LORD defines and regulates means what?

Less money for THE LAND LORD.

Next time you see your LAND LORD ask him how many people and how many times he is charging for the use of the same bathrooms and hallways, There will be silence and a handshake to have a good day. I’ve seen it. BTW what kind of smart ass asks that question anyway? How dare you question the LAND LORD!?

“Oh Oh, Duke, you are so harsh and harmful.  You are hurting commercial real estate.”

Let me ask you this, who is the advocate for the tenant and user? Who? You say it’s you. You say that BUT.

You want that user to do what? Exactly what the LAND LORD and MASTER says down to the letter of the contract.

Yes, the contract that allows the LAND LORD to sue the user five thousand different ways with???? No Recourse!

Thanks, for the help with that. Are you going to fight for them if something happens or are you going to side with the LAND LORD because it may endanger your “relationship” and future business? That doesn’t sound like an advocate to me.

That sounds like a _______,_____,_________,_________!

(As a side what if I just started writing things as an advocate of the tenants and users? Wait, Holy Shit! That’s brilliant. What’s the size of that audience compared to CRE? Oh, wait its’ EVERBODY who works. EVERYBODY. It’s sure as fuck, not the LAND LORD!)

Where was I?

Oh, yes, I was nailing the man down for the better of all the human race or something world changing like that.

Is it only the language or the implied servitude I find offensive? NO! (Offensive language, the irony.)

It’s the entire idea that one LAND LORD or the (man)(ifestation)<<<(see what I did there) of that entity thinks or assumes that is is what works today and into the future for commercial real estate.

How many times and ways have these ignorant assholes stunted an entire asset class with Feudal and Draconian practices?

And continue to do so TODAY!

At what point do they realize the marketplace has changed FOREVER.

The human race can and will work where they want when they want and how they want.

The human race will decide when where how and IF they even want to pay.

This is not some utopian idea and or ridiculous far away dream.

It exists TODAY!

What does this mean for the LAND LORD moving forward? Who gives a fuck?

You know what’s going to happen, they will change up the verbiage from LAND LORD to something like:

Office Facilitator, Workplace Synergist or Space Environment Concierge.

Don’t worry the human race won’t be fooled. They might just decide to not even show up for work.

I keep hearing robots are going to take everyone’s job.

Let the LAND LORDS freeze the robots to death. There is an idea. Let them fight it out with machines.

Maybe that’s what they see you as anyway. Just a number or some faceless machine.

And the space you are in the majority of your life is to be controlled and managed not by you. You know “for your own good.”

Why have any control over that?

Let the LAND LORD decide.

They have to find ways to control you and their money. Mostly you.

The author of the article decided there were at least what…….

“3 Reasons A Landlord Might Shut Down Your Open Office Plan.”

I can think of billions ($$$) of reasons why they (THE LAND LORD) probably should rethink that strategy and mindset.

Say it out loud again…..



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