10 Most Read Articles Of 2018 And 5 You May Have Missed.

Another year, another year and then again another year.

Where does all the time go?

This site continues to grow and grow and for that, I can’t thank you enough.

Let’s get right to it!

1.) 10 Reasons You Will NEVER Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker.

2.) Another Open Letter To Doug Curry? Not This Time! 

3.) Commercial Real Estate: The Dirty Secret.

4.) Duke Long’s Updated: 2018 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.

5.) Duke Long’s Updated 2018 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn. 

6.) The Duke Long 2018 Top 25 Under The Radar #CRE #TECH Companies You Must Watch!

7.) Duke Long’s 2018 Global #CRE and #TECH Power 100.

8.) Commercial Real Estate Broker Splits. Stealing From The Rich To Get Rich.

9.) Duke Long’s Updated: 2018 Top 50 Commercial Real Estate Blogs You Must Read.

10.) Putting #MeToo Into Perspective. Guest Post Diane Danielson.


 Plus 5 You May Have Missed.

1.) What Happens When Your Tenant Demands To Be Paid To Occupy Your Space?

2.) So, WeWork Is Going Into Brokerage…I Told You So…But…?

3.) Every Human In A Building Is A Revenue Source. And Why Not!

4.) “Nothing Has Really Changed In The Real Estate Business In The Last 100 Years, And Frankly, It Never Will.”

5.) Excuse Me, But Where Can I Apply For The Brokerage Position? Guest Post: Casey Flannery.


+1) A Collection of Rants Personal And Professional Aimed Right At Your Ass???


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