ZoomProspector. Find The Right Location For Your Business.

ZoomProspector. Find The Right Location For Your Business.

A primary goal of ZoomProspector.com is to help companies, CRE pros, and site selection consultants find locations that are optimal for startup, expand, or relocate. ZoomProspector.com allows users to search over 700 variables (and we are continuing to add more all the time) to find locations that meet the business’s requirements.

For example, website users can find optimal locations based on the population, labor, cost, housing, financial incentives, consumer spending, existing industries, employment, skill production, taxes, and internet speeds.


Every business has to decide where they locate. Huge corporations can hire site selection consultants. But most businesses can’t afford to do this. ZoomProspector can provide every business and CREpro with self-serve access to much of the same data analysis in real-time so they can make data-driven decisions.

In addition, ZoomProspector provides:

-Filtered search of any types of cities, counties, or metro areas.
-Infographics for every city, county, and metro in the USA.
-Hyperlocal heatmaps of hundreds of geographic variables.
-Rankings for every community in the USA based on any of our geographic variables.
-Sharable maps and lists through social media (scroll down to see some examples)
-Data from local governments that can’t easily be found anywhere else (including Google Maps. Click on “Map Layers” to see more)
-Side-by-side comparisons of any communities (try the % to see relative variation)
-Property search of many (although not all) communities. (Our focus is on finding the right communities 1st and then, as a next step, they can search for properties in those communities).
-Connections to economic development organizations that can assist with projects.

We will also be launching a number of new and powerful features in the coming months.

How to do a community search on ZoomProspector.com from GIS Planning on Vimeo.

ZoomProspector works to connect businesses, CRE professionals, site selection consultants, and economic development organizations so that they all win through having more business investment.

Site selection data your fingertips: A tour of the all-new ZoomProspector, com, the U.S. national site selection portal from GIS Planning on Vimeo.

ZoomProspector. Find The Right Location For Your Business.

Duke Long

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