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You Want Exclusive One Of A Kind Duke Long Articles? Click on

You Want Exclusive One Of A Kind Duke Long Articles? Click On

It may or may not be known to you, but I can get stingy.

I think we all have a bit of that in us as we get……” experienced”……. in life.

Time. Let me just leave that there on its own.

People. Start counting the ones that you can’t wait to spend time with.

And then there is your work and the time and effort spent doing it.

What gets moved up the to-do list?

Where do we spend that precious time?

You and I get to the point where we have no issues whatsoever being a bit stingy with our time.

We all have just gone through another holiday season.

Do I need even to list what we all collectively experience?

One thing that the end of the year does for most of us, is let us reflect and recharge for the New Year.

You see it everywhere, resolutions, initiatives, goals and trends to ride helping you stay up with the next.

Hey, it’s a New Year!

I have in the past reluctantly shared my content.

I get asked ALL THE TIME, and it’s wonderful to be wanted. It is.

But, it may be a control/branding/me being me/you want me come and find me mentality that has held me back.

I have been told this many times that part of the appeal of my content is the raw unfiltered and fuck you way that it is presented.

I can only truly do that one place, I own it; I do whatever the hell I want with it.

The day, the minute, the second I put it elsewhere what happens?

I become somebody’s________, and that just does not work for me.

I have said this in the past out loud and in various form of communications. “Pay me MF, and then you can tell me what to do. Wait, you don’t want to pay for the content?  Fuck off then. I don’t need the exposure, clicks or any reason to be your little _____!”

Well, not hard to imagine the reaction after that is it?

#CRE and #Tech is Global.

It always has been.

With that, platforms are emerging that provide untold value to our world of commercial real estate and technology.

A few start with all the attitude and splash you could imagine. Six months later they are GONE!

Why? Easy. They sucked from day one.  Remember we live in the quick, easy and bullshit world that makes people think if you take a picture of your bare ass that it provides a form of value that allows you (to supposedly) (It’s all fucking PR) make millions.

Nothing more than that. Just a picture…..of a bare ass.

Throw it up, get likes, views, talk trash and BOOM! Success!

Quick Side Bar: Focusing on “the process” of work. Need to write something about that soon. It’s not the end result or the idea of the result that gets you there? It’s the process. Hmmm, need to think about that. Eat Your Demons. Embrace failing? Not sure about that? Grinding is not a badge of honor. Busy is a shit word. Working 17 hours a day does not win, unless you are sitting in bed with your five cats talking shit about people who actually do something real for a living, instead of fucking writing about it! Do I digress? Angels Envy is a gift from the Gods or whatever deity you prefer!  How much it a proper amount to drink before turning off the computer? Ok, now I am digressing.

The Quality of

I was approached and asked to provide content for Well, do you remember my usual reaction to the inquiries I get?

This was a bit more personal. I know the founder/founders of the site. I was asked to take a look at their big redo recently.

Impressed was the word. Impressed with the history credibility knowledge and vision of the people behind.

I’m talking long-term vision. Big long term vision.

Big Global long-term vision.

Yea, now we are talking!

Are there other players out there? Sure, I hope nothing but the best for them all.

Who knows I may show up here and there in the future.

BUT, I will provide with exclusive one of a kind Duke Long only content.

I am under contract. I signed it. I am loyal and professional. Just ask.

What’s are the terms of the contract? None of your fucking business. Show me your last 5 years tax returns and copies of your K-1’s and then I may think about disclosing what I am contractually obligated to do. I did say I would think about it. 5 years of your taxes, K-1’s and then a maybe. Your asking, I’m asking back. Seems fair to me. (Some fucking people.)

Do this for me. Click and sign up for the I get it in my inbox every day. Keep up with the varied and timely content. Bookmark the site at the very least. Subscribe and be sure to put it up as a priority to read.

And come on people, like/screenshot/link/paste/create special bells and whistles/alerts/sirens/ to let ya know when I post an article. It’s like an event of epic proportions.

Hey, in all seriousness, I will keep it consistent. It won’t be a one-off every now and then. That sucks for everyone.

More than likely I will keep the F-bombs away and structure a few words and sentences together just for fun.

You just might be surprised.

And for those of you few special people. Here is a visual reminder:


The first article has already been posted.

CREtech Startup Marketing: How to Do It Right (Part 1 of 3)

The rest are coming right up.


You Want Exclusive One Of A Kind Duke Long Articles? Click On


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