You Have The Power To Control The Media And Always Have.

It’s Everyday!

In your inbox on the tabs in your browser and all over your hand-picked social media platforms.

Media. All kinds of media. The World, national, regional, and local media.

Brought to you in about as many forms as you could imagine, from chatbots, video clips, text messages, newsletters, voice overs, and in ways, you’re not even sure how to use yet.

You choose how when what and where you will consume this media. Mobil, non-mobile, Tv, phone, laptop, desktop.

You also choose the medium. (look it up, wink)

It’s how you keep fresh and updated on the things important to your life and business.

Is it important that your nephew’s soccer team did well against a cross-town rival? It is to him and your sister, and it is today. Need to send a congrats text. The kids don’t do email.

How many layoffs have they announced yet again at that huge manufacturing plant? Never a good thing, people losing jobs. Might send an email to your buddy from school and see how he’s doing. If he’s still employed after today.

That company, your friend, mentioned just received twenty-five million in funding. You did meet someone from there at a networking event. Time to follow up and “touch base.” What kind of IA or IoT or MA or AI or whatever, do they do again?

You do notice that a few people still carry a paper around with them. Curious, don’t you think?

Quick side:

On a plane back to the Midwest from NYC and the guy sitting next to me, gray, clean, pressed pants, bleach white shirt, highly polished loafers, glasses. Dell laptop with Microsoft Office open on the computer, and it’s tethered. He closes the laptop and reaches under the seat in front of him and pulls out a paper. I recognize it as a regional business journal of some kind. He opens it up loudly and wide, taking at least most of the space in the aisle between us and all the space in front of him. He turns this thing around fourteen different ways including sideways to read it. And of course, he gets out a highlighter and extends his hand to adjust the overhead light. Now, remember it’s late in the day. I’m tired and trying to chill. But just imagine The Godfather sitting next to you on a flight. Black coat, collar up. Jeans, black boots and yes, black sunglasses. Not one thing says businesses. I call it hiding in plain site, but I digress. He looks my way and nods; I nod back.

He says,” just keeping up on a bit of business” with a friendly smile.

I reply with,” you can see most all of that all online can’t you?”

“Yes, but this way it’s in front of me. I like the feel of it in my hands, kind of a habit of mine. Plus there’s always a few things in here they don’t put online.”

“I haven’t touched a paper in years.”

“I need to keep up always have, what do you do?”

Now, depending on the time of day, the amount of brown liquor I had been exposed to at the networking event earlier in the day, I could have been a bit more frisky.

“Just basic general real estate and you?’


“Have a nice flight.”

“You too.”

Just a simple, pleasant exchange on a flight in 2017. Nothing different radical or earth-shattering about it.

Except maybe the view of what media is and why you are willing and able to consume so much more today than ever.

Is It Too Much?

Is it oversaturated? Is there too much? Of course, there is. You think so, and so does almost everyone you know.

It’s just too much of too much.

Does it ever end? No, it does not.

Yes, your local newspaper is down to nothing, but they have a site online, that if you check you pay far more to access than you ever did the physical paper. Who howls at the lack of journalism, especially local journalism, your local newspaper. They’re not willing to pay anyone to do it, but they have no issue charging you more for less. “It’s what you want,” they tell you.

I have one simple question for them. If you are local and did not know about it, pay for it, or read it, was it news?

Of course, it was. Right? It didn’t get in front of your eyes to consume (and pay for) so was it news to you?

Those Eyes Again!

Here you sit reading something on a site that only exists for a few dollars a year based on an internet feed that costs almost nothing. Reading about your business. You choose to take the time, and for that, I am eternally grateful. It is the most valuable thing you have. What did you do before all of this? Nothing? More deals, fewer deals? Are you better informed now than say five or ten years ago? Are you more entertained? Most importantly where are those eyes of yours focused every day?

It’s all the media want. Your eyeballs. And they want them focused on only their stuff. What still astounds me is that they have no idea what that stuff should be. No clue whatsoever. They blame it on age and demographics. What if their content just sucks and no one is interested? There’s a crazy thought.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

The definition of what good content is or should be will be debated until the end of time. Is it a good thing that anyone and everyone can create content? Is the theory that the good stuff always gets attention and always will? There are another five thousand words just to start to address that. Obviously what you and I may think is good content might vary a great deal. Are certain types of language appropriate or not? Is language or freedom of speech any right at all? How many countries allow that? Start counting. How about the manipulation of media and the content that’s put out? Wow, yeah, there we go. For whatever reason, you have chosen at this moment to use those precious and valuable eyeballs HERE, and in some way shape or form, it’s in the context of business and the commercial real estate business along with technology. You have chosen to consume this media and will form your opinion about whether that is too much of a good thing or not.

I have a pretty good idea of what I think about it.

Think of the freedom of thought and ideas.

Think of what scares the hell out of some people. Pure Freedom.

Freedom to let YOU decide what is worth consuming or not.

Freedom to choose without what? Fear. Fear of anything!

There is no filter. There are no layers of bureaucracy. There is no way of stopping this unless what?

Unless YOU decide to stop. You have chosen this is the way you want to consume and use the media.

It has not in recent memory and should not be presented in any other way.

You Have The Power To Control The Media And Always Have.

And where do those precious eyeballs go next?

You decide!


+1 Do you have an opinion about “fake news?” No, not really?

+1+1 Did I make it all the way through that article without an F-Bomb? Outrageous! WTF kind of world do we live in?


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