You Are Old Outdated Ignorant Embarrassing And Need To Retire.

You Are Old Outdated Ignorant Embarrassing And Ned To Retire.

Ok, let’s get this out of the way.

First off I am not stupid enough to sit here and start ripping on the baby boomers/decision makers of commercial real estate.

Although I am not sure why I am holding back. Nothing has really stopped me from going off before. Uh …. Whatever.

I do see an obviously huge problem that is and will continue to plague commercial real estate for a long time.

Technological Ignorance.

The Boomers won’t admit it.

They don’t really see a good reason to change what they think is working now.

Why try to understand something that probably does not effect their business anyway.

Not the same old thing again.

I am not going to go into the “they are old and did not grow up in a digital age” argument.

Why waste time with the they are the “non adaptive squatting hoarding relationship building” diatribe.

An obvious reality. 

I researched and found an amazing statistic about baby boomers. 10000 reach the age of 65 everyday and that will continue until 2029.  Read that again…..yes that’s right this will continue to happen everyday until 2029!  Uh 29-13=16 years. Holy Shit that’s a lot of “seasoned” people on one planet.

For the sake of argument let’s say you are 30- 40-50 years old right now. Absolutely the definition of prime alpha dog earning years. Right? Now look ahead for the next 16 years. Who is in front of your alpha dog ass? Yea, The Boomers!

Simple question. Who’s doing business with who?  Who are you doing business with? Think for a minute. It has to be Boomers right?

How can you say that that is going to change any time soon.

Yes yes I have heard the “wait until the digital whatevers” get into decision making positions. That’s going to happen….. When?

A truer reality.

Look 5-10-15 years ahead. Who will be doing the deals? Who will be making the decisions? Who will be using the technologies? Who will be deciding what money goes where and for all the above? Don’t even try and kid yourself.

Just lip service?

I have and we all have heard it thousands of times. “We always assess the newest technology to see what we can use and adapt to help our future business.” Really?

Someone right now name me the 5 top technologies that have disrupted commercial real estate in the last 5-10 years. Ready set go!

Let me take a shot. Ok, well there is the internet and excel spread sheets and maybe cell phones. How about those pad things? We have to have them right? CRM has to be in there…or does it. Mapping maybe. Wait that’s only four so far and they are not new technologies.  So I guess there have been no real disruptive technologies in commercial real estate. Wow of all people  you would think I should be able to come up with 5.  By the way a thousand times more BIM!

Ignorance is Bliss?

So what’s all the bitching about then? Why does everyone ( Ok I will admit it’s mostly just me) scream and yell for disruptive technologies for commercial real estate when the reality is that what we have now is kicking serious ass?

If I’m a 55 year old hitter with a book of business and somebody shows me an I- pad app that helps me track my deals…hey fine I am all over it…along with the must have Golf Channel app. It’s no big deal to me it’s just another way to do CRM if you ask me. Want to video my listings on the inside? Go for it. Is that earth shattering marketing or just a guy with a video camera and a platform to download it to? Everyone is all over this maps thing. Hey, I can Google Map with the best of them. Big deal.

Dare You!

If I am that same 55 year old hitter banging out deals making money ruling the world and my biggest worry in my life is how the hell I’m going to putt since the rule change away from belly putters. You know what I want to here or see from all of the techy people especially that loud mouth pain in the ass Duke Long is to show me the how what where and why should I change anything I am doing now and for that matter what I will be doing for the next 10 plus years to make serious bank. Come on Mr. Social Media Commercial Real Estate Tech Savant. I Dare You!

So maybe….

Maybe it is all just flashy scrolling and dotted maps after all. Do you think CBRE or JLL etc. do not have people all over any possible tech available?

Maybe they and all of the rest of the boomers know something the rest of us techy people don’t want to admit.

We can create all the fancy tools and mobile apps we want. They will digest and use whatever ones they deem necessary. Today tomorrow and 10 years from now dominate the market and cash checks no matter what.

So then who are we today ( Ok maybe just me) to tell them that they are….

Old Outdated Ignorant Embarrassing And Need To Retire.

Comments opinions and points of views are always appreciated.

Oh and I may go on a Twitter rant……just because. 🙂

Duke Long

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